Design trends are often short lived, leaving as quickly as they came, which can leave a space looking dated and out of style. However, a timelessly designed interior is relatively future-proof. The secret to a well-designed timeless space is that it can’t be pinned to any particular design style, trend, or time period, and it looks sophisticated and chic regardless of the current trends. A timeless interior is also easily adaptable through different trends, saving you money in the long run by not having to replace major pieces that become unfashionable as the years go by. If you’re upgrading your home and want to turn a space into a timeless one, here is the ultimate guide for creating a timeless interior.

Invest in Quality Pieces

Creating a timeless space that will last for years to come ultimately starts with the pieces you choose to put into the space. That’s why it’s so important to invest in quality pieces that are actually going to last for many year. While quality furniture can definitely be an investment, it will save you money down the road. Cheap furniture typically won’t last as long, needing to be replaced, which can ultimately cost you more money in the long run. And understandably, not everyone has the budget to fill their entire home with quality furniture all at once. The trick is, go slow, visit second hand shops, and invest in the pieces you can afford. 

Mix Old and New 

When it comes to what makes a space undoubtedly timeless, the key is, it can’t be bound to any distinct era or style. A great way to achieve this is by mixing antique or vintage pieces with more contemporary ones, or even pieces with different design styles. With the ideal balance of old and new, you can create a timeless space that’s completely unique and feels, classically beautiful, gracefully lived-in, and completely timeless. 

Don’t Follow Trends

If you want to ensure your interior looks classic and timeless, try to stay away from the latest design trends. The majority of trends typically only last a few years and can quickly make a space look dated and behind the times. If you really can’t skip out on a trend you love, the best way to embrace it in a room is through design elements such as accessories, rugs, or art work. Compared to furniture or more permanent elements, these are more  non-committal and you can easily change when your taste does. 

Opt for a Neutral Color Palette 

Just like design trends, certain color palettes are often trendy, quickly dating a space before you know it. A neutral color palette of whites, grays, or beiges for your walls, floors, and furniture will work with any style and always remains classic and ageless. Using natural materials such as woods, rattan, and stone will keep you on a neutral palette and never go out of style. And bonus — using a neutral color scheme in your home will save you time and money from having to recover furniture, tear out carpets or repaint your walls. Instead, add accents of color with accessories, throw pillows, art work, and rugs which will compliment your personality but can also easily be changed.

Keep it Functional

While you want a space to look good, you also want it to be practical, and having a space that’s completely functional when it comes to your daily life is essential when it comes to creating a timeless one. A well-proportioned interior with furniture that actually fits in the space, feels balanced, and serves a purpose will allow your space to grow with you and your taste for many years to come. 

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