Tips to recreate the look and feel of a parisian decor in your bedroom2

Parisian bedrooms deal with minimalist, modern, contemporary but warm. It doesn’t mean you have to go to a rustic or farmhouse feel. You are free to make a modern room decor with a warm atmosphere. Instead of creating a traditional look, Parisian allows you to have a minimalist touch. The key is in the use of old things in a bedroom that mixed well with new things together. It will be great to install modern furniture into an old house building or add classic furniture into a modern house building.

Tips to recreate the look and feel of a parisian decor in your bedroom1

Add a Simple Bed in the Bedroom

Add a simple bed in the bedroom

Look at this Parisian bedroom with a beautiful and chic French-style bedroom. It shows a green accent wall that looks so fresh and warm. Then, it has a bed with blue and teal bedding for a chic and serenity look. There is a vintage fireplace to get a warm feeling anytime the owner wants. We love the floor lamp and some blooms in this bedroom too.

Vintage Sparkly Chandelier

Add vintage sparkly chandelier

Get inspired by this creamy French chic bedroom. It looks so gorgeous with paneling. We adore the blush tufted bed that finished well with a vintage design. There is a floor mirror to reflect the light for the entire room and make it brighter. We love the fantastic crystal chandelier in this bedroom that adds a luxurious touch.

Large-Scale Mirrors To The Bedroom

Add large-scale mirrors to the bedroom

In this awesome bedroom, we see a mid-century modern French style that will never go out of date. It looks so dreamy with an antique fireplace. We like the large bed with some stained furniture in this bedroom too. See there, an oversized mirror over the mantel completes the bedroom with Parisian feels.

Add Some Bold Artwork To Your Room

Add some bold artwork to your room

The one who loves a Parisian style will love this bedroom very well. Look at the refined white Parisian bedroom with paneling. It shows a warm feeling without overwhelming. Then, it has a white bed and an oversized mirror that work well to create a bright and airy bedroom. There is some chic vintage furniture too. And, a beautiful artwork completes all.

With Full Of Worldly Accessories

With full of worldly accessories

We can say this is an elegant French chic bedroom, can’t we? It looks so mind-blowing with a gold bed and neutral bedding. Furthermore, the owner adds a zebra-printed rug to make it more eye-catching. There is a navy chair to sit and enjoy the views outside. Even, we love the color block curtains in this bedroom too. The lovely chandelier completes this bedroom with Parisian feels.


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