Unique bedside tables and their alternative in different styles for bedroom2

Upgrading a bedroom isn’t a hard project. Even you can do it with less money. One of the keys to making a bedroom looks brand new is adding new furniture. Well, you shouldn’t have to install a new bed. Just change your bedside table. Try a unique bedside table to give a different style to your bedroom decoration. In this article, we will show you recommended bedside table alternatives to improve your bedroom. Check them out further below and choose the best one for you.

Unique bedside tables and their alternative in different styles for bedroom1

Nightstand Made Of A Large Drum

Nightstand made of a large drum

Adding this unique nightstand made of a large drum will create a different look for your bedroom. It works well with any decor. The owner of the house decorates it well with a lantern to enlighten this room. And, some branches in a bucket look so lovely. Awesome!

With Stack Of Books

With stack of books

For book-lovers, this is a simple thing that you will never want to miss. It is a bedside table that is made of a stack of books. Those are arranged vertically in an acrylic cover. The owner decorates it well with a bright floral arrangement. What a great idea for a feminine room!

White Wooden Stool

White wooden stool

What about this white wooden stool? It looks pretty right? This furniture is so eye-catching with tiered shelves. Rock your bedroom with a white wooden still is a great idea. No matter a feminine, masculine, shabby chic, or even modern style, this bedside table will work well with them.

Small Wooden Chest

Small wooden chest

Imagine having this small wooden chest for your bedroom! Well, you can just get it soon from a garage sale or in a vintage store. It looks so awesome with vintage numbers. The owner decorates it well with some more vintage pieces on top. This idea is so pretty. What about having this for your room?

Stained Wooden Nightstand

Stained wooden nightstand

What an elegant and rustic piece is this! It is made of a wooden plank that is attached to the wall. Furthermore,  it has an additional small shelf to keep books or anything you have. See the sconce that is attached to the wall, it seems so pretty right? You can add some potted succulents, too.

Pretty Swing Nightstand

Pretty swing nightstand

What do you think of this pretty swing nightstand? It looks so great with wood and twine. The decorator decorates this nightstand with a table lamp and some books. You can make this nightstand by hand on the weekend. Sure.


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