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A shaker kitchen is a design that will look awesome in both traditional and contemporary homes.

Whether your home is a country cottage, grander period residence, or modern smart home; a shaker kitchen flows with your designs.

Also, its originality and simplicity will make it a perfect choice for lovers of a minimalist kitchen design.

A glance at any shaker kitchen collection will convince you if you had any doubts about shaker kitchens.

Who Were The Shakers?

The Shakers were an extinct religious sect from England that settled in the Eastern United States in the late 18th century when the modern concept of the kitchen we have now hadn’t come into play.

The religious sect split from the Quakers and was known as Shakers due to the movements of the worshippers during worship.

Their ideology of a simplistic and well-crafted design has carried it on till today beyond the sect’s influence. They referenced simplicity, and making something with diligence as an “act of prayer”.

The shaker kitchen styles today take some inspiration from the humble views of the Shakers on simple living, architecture, and furniture rather than following the tenets behind them faithfully.

What Defines The Shakers Style?

Shaker kitchens are characterised by practicality, clean lines, hand-crafted appeal, and light colouration which makes them suitable for both traditional and contemporary kitchens.

Originally, shaker kitchens were crafted using local woods like pine, maple and cherry wood. Other woods like oak, walnut, and birchwood are now used. What’s more, colourful finishes like blue, green, red, and yellow are also major features of a shaker kitchen.

The cabinet doors consist of a recessed panel and a four-piece wood frame constructed with dovetail joints.

The shaker style is now usually mixed with a touch of modernity, with features like side panelling and glass which aren’t shaker features now being incorporated. Some homeowners also choose to incorporate other types of knobs like imported brass knobs, in place of simple turned-wood knobs, to add a further touch of modernity.

Tips To Guide You In Creating Your Own Shaker Kitchen

Kitchen Cabinets

The signature of a shaker kitchen is simple cabinets made of real wood painted or natural featuring clean lines and panelled unit doors. 

If you’re opting for a painted shaker kitchen, you can add modernity by combining two colours for a two-tone effect or combine natural and painted finishes.

But, you have to exercise some caution while experimenting so it blends well with your wall.

Kitchen Island

If you have enough space, don’t shy away from an island. A kitchen island works well with shaker kitchens. 

It will serve as a focal point in your kitchen and offers you more space, and storage adding a functional twist to your kitchen.

You can incorporate solutions like drawer inserts, built-in appliances, integrated bin cupboards and display items like salt and pepper shakers in beautiful containers.


Traditional shaker cabinets usually have handles made from the same wood the cabinets were made from because the metal handles were considered flamboyant.

Yet, should you wish to lift your space further, you can use metallic handles to add a touch of contemporariness to your design.


The minimalist look of a shaker kitchen is achieved by good organisation, and therefore storage should be well planned so every item has its home.

You can make a list of items you’ll need to keep in your kitchen and assign each item to a location. For example, drawers in the table front for utensils, peg rails for outdoor garments and shelves etc.


Neutral tones like grey, blue, and cream are popular in traditional shakers. However, shades of blue, green, blue, and red are also used.

The neutral tones make a small space appear larger, or you can use bold colours in your modern shaker kitchen to add depth and draw attention.

Similarly, colours like muted deep blue add character and a dramatic effect to your kitchen or you can also use different colours or shades to create different zones in your kitchen. For example, you can use different colours or shades for the worktop and island.

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