Swing-style hanging nightstands to add a whimsy touch to your space2

We have seen various nightstands for bedrooms. What about hanging a nightstand? If you only have a small bedroom space, a hanging nightstand is what you need for completing your decor. Sure, it will not take up any space on your floor. Furthermore, it works well with any room style. You can use a swing-style nightstand to go for a rustic, modern, contemporary, or even bohemian bedroom. Let’s check out our inspiring hanging nightstands below that you can copy for your own bedroom!

Swing-style hanging nightstands to add a whimsy touch to your space1

Cute Swing Style Nightstand

Cute swing-style nightstand

See this nightstand that is made of wood and rope. You can easily make it by hand or buy it from a reputable home decor store. What makes this nightstand looks so cute is just the size and style. Sure, you can improve your bedroom decor with little a little touch of this.

Low Hanging Bedside Table

Low hanging bedside table

For a contemporary space, you can go with this low-hanging bedside table. Making this table is not hard. But, you can just buy this from a DIY store without spending a lot of money. Yes, it is cheap. Put any small thing on this table to clear any clutter.

Boho Bedroom With a Hanging Bedside Table

Boho bedroom with a hanging bedside table

Do you love a bohemian bedroom style? You can go with this hanging bedside table that is made of rope and dark round wood. Cool, isn’t it? Even the shape will make a great change to your bedroom decor. We love this and you will too.

A couple of Hanging Metal Bedside Tables

Couple of hanging metal bedside tables

Do you have any guest rooms in your house? Hanging metal bedside tables will be great to complete the room. Both of them show a pretty vintage feeling. Furthermore, you don’t need to use any floor space. Decorating a guest room with a hanging nightstand is a great idea.

Nightstand of Raw Wood

Nightstand of raw wood

Raw wood with rope will give a great difference to your bedroom decoration. Look at this nightstand! It seems so eye-catching for any room. No matter contemporary, modern, or even bohemian look. Adding this nightstand is a genius. Put on a vase or book here.

Hanging Modern Bedside Table

Hanging modern bedside table

What about this modern bedside table? It shows a cool design with more storage. You can put a vase on the top of the table and other things on the storage. Cool, huh? Buy this table in the store. Or, just make it by hand if you have more free time. One thing for sure, don’t put a heavy thing on the hanging side table. It works well for small things but not large ones.





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