Fireplace design ideas for cozy and comfy looks fi

A fireplace is not only a tool to make the room feel warm and cozy. If we use the right design and combination, a fireplace can be an asset to make the room looks more enchanting and gorgeous. Using the right furniture, paint, artwork, and chair position are also important to enhance the looks of the fireplace. Anyway, the main actor for today’s idea is the Fireplace, now let’s take a look at Fireplace Design Ideas For Cozy and Comfy Looks.

Fireplace design ideas for cozy and comfy looks 1

1. Marble Statement

Fireplace Design Ideas For Cozy and Comfy Looks


The Marble Wall creates a strong case and statement for the sleek fireplace below. It looks elegant and modern while at the same time complimenting the look of the fireplace. Adding a metal sheet below the fireplace will create a less precious edge for the fireplace.

2. Subtle Accent

Fireplace Design Ideas For Cozy and Comfy Looks


Nicole Hollis Studio creates an amazing design for the fireplace. Using an eccentric and modern mirror makes the artwork look even more beautiful. Also, you may not see it, but the columns beside the fireplace are deep maroon. The color is perfect and enhances the look and inky black color of the fireplace.

3. Super Modern

If you want to try a super modern marble fireplace, then try to opt for a flat façade and white Carrera. This will make the fireplace look sick and gorgeous. Moreover, adding an illustrious gray carpet will soften the space while blending with its surrounding.

4. Up to The Ceiling

The material that is used is sophisticated, it looks formal yet it also consists of casual elements at the same time. We also loved how the warm swirls of gold combined with earth tones. It looks intimate and more connected to us.

5. The New Old

A darker fireplace is the best because it can hide soot. But you also need to clean it regularly to avoid permanent soot. Regardless of that, the black fireplace combined with a dainty chandelier, sky blue paint, and an indigo carpet will uplift the moody air in the room.

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