Every home- no matter if it is small, big, an apartment, or a vacation home- gets dirty and needs to be regularly cleaned. Most of us dread the time when we need to give our home a nice, thorough, deep clean. There is always more than one way to clean your living space, and there are smarter ways to get the job done. So, we have prepared a short guide on how to clean your home in a smarter way that will keep it clean for days. 


How to Keep Your Kitchen Clean 

If you are the person who dreads washing dishes, then you must wait for the pile of dishes to grow so big until you finally decide to clear out the sink. This is a terrible way to make your kitchen look untidy and messy. So, the core of keeping your kitchen clean is to clear out the sink regularly and keep all of the surrounding surfaces nice and clean. In addition, you need to make sure that your sink is deep cleaned, especially the faucet. Cleaning them from bacteria and food particles can be done by using an all-purpose cleaner. Whenever you are using your kitchen, it is essential to wipe all the surfaces with an all-purpose cleaner, so that stubborn oily and greasy stains, as well as other splatters, are effectively removed. 

Keep Your Garage Clean 

It is impossible to keep your house clean if your yard and garage are not clean in the first place. Why so? We are going out and visiting the garage quite often, so we are allowing all the debris and dirt to penetrate into our home. So, keeping your garage well organized and clean is a huge step forward for keeping your home clean all the time. Besides, you need to make sure that your garage is free from pests and that flies from your garage are eliminated. Pests can pose huge problems when they are neglected, so checking all the cracks in your home and garage is crucial for maintaining your home’s tidiness. Garages tend to accumulate a great deal of stuff we do not use. Selling or throwing this stuff away will give you more space and will help you keep your garage neat and functional. Installing a couple of hanging shelves or even garage cabinets will completely change the appearance of your garage and will make it more practical to use. 

Keep Your Bathroom Clean

If there is a place that needs constant and regular cleaning, then it is the bathroom. Waiting too long before you decide to give it a nice deep clean will turn into quite a disgusting job. You need to make sure that everything is soaked in the products that will eliminate debris and ease the process of scrubbing. First things first, you should know that you can use a couple of home alternatives such as baking soda mixed with lemon or white vinegar if you opt for some healthier and more natural alternatives. So, it is the wisest way to start your bathroom clean-up by giving your shower, tub, sink, and toilet a nice scrub. Most of the products can be used for the same purpose. You just need to carefully read the instructions and find out the best way to apply them. Also, hair is particularly a huge problem in the bathroom. So, vacuuming, sweeping, and dry mopping hairs from your bathroom will remove annoying hairs being scattered all over the place. After picking up all of the hairs, you should give them a wet mop. 


Keep Your Bedroom and Living Room Clean 

Usually, we all avoid cleaning our bedrooms regularly because this is a room with limited access. But, this should not be done since it can seriously affect your health. Let us start from the top, make your bed every morning, and wash your sheets every two weeks. Clean the dust regularly and keep all of your clothes folded. In addition, your closets should be well-organized and regularly cleaned. 

The living room is probably the room with the busiest traffic, unless you live alone. However, this does not mean you should neglect its hygiene. Deep cleaning your living room regularly is mandatory given the fact that you spend the most time there. So, you should clean the dust and vacuum it every two to three days. Also, mopping the floors and cleaning the windows should be a part of your maintenance routine. All clean homes smell nice, so you should take care of this small detail as well. 

Your home is a reflection of your own character and personality, and a messy home can indicate serious problems. So, for your own health and functioning, you should invest effort in keeping it clean all the time. 


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