Raccoons are pretty to look at, with their bandit mask, salt and peppered fur, dark circles around the eyes, and a bushy tail covered with black rings. However, wild animals are prone to scratching and biting when threatened.

People wouldn’t want one of these anywhere near their homes or yards. Because they carry various diseases like rabies, which can be fatal for humans, and their droppings have diseases like salmonella, roundworm and leptospirosis. 

While standard fencing is helpful, they are not particularly effective in keeping these animals out. On the other hand, Electric fencing for Racoons prevents them from entering your yard, eating your chickens or other livestock, and leaving their droppings all over the place.

But before people decide to install a fence around their lawn, here is some information they must know.

How do these fences work?

One should install the single-strand electric fences in front of one’s existing fencing or other previously erected obstacles to keep wild animals out. The coons receive a mild electric shock before they climb over.

Electric netting consists of push-in posts, which you can install and remove without much effort. They get their power from solar energizers, batteries or 110V mains. You can also link the various nets to create an effective, continuous barrier.

Do they kill the animals?

Some people are hesitant to use electric protection for fear of killing animals. Electrically powered fences are only fatal to animals when improperly installed or have a short circuit. Properly functioning barriers will deter the animals by administering a mild electric shock instead of killing them.

What does a garden kit consist of?

A fence management solution company provides a garden kit with all the essential tools you need to install a fence yourself. It usually contains posts, clips, a ground rod, battery energizer, and wire.

It is necessary to install one wire about six inches from the ground and hot wire six inches above that to keep out raccoons. However, before installing the wire, ensure that there is no dense vegetation covering it, which could cause a shorting. 

Why should you choose a smart fence?

It is a completely portable, compact instant electric fence containing a set of four wire rolls that is easy to install. You can install it using an energizer and a ground rod about three feet high. 

Energizers are devices that receive energy from an external source like a battery or mains outlet and transfer them onto the fence as short, high-voltage bursts of energy. These are various types, including solar-powered, battery-powered, or 110 Volts.

Things to check before buying

Before buying the electric netting, you should check its specifications, features and any available videos to show you what it would look like. It should be easy to install, work on various types of terrain, divide paddocks for efficient grazing and have the desired height and length.

Some fences require energizers to work, while others function without them. The wires for the netting are of aluminum or steel, both equally effective for the intended purpose. Before buying the cables, it is better to check their length beforehand. 

Does the company offer additional posts, preferably made from fiberglass, in case you require them? 

Electric fencing for racoons is an effective way of keeping out these furry animals that damage your lawns, prey on livestock like chickens, and leave their droppings everywhere. Please purchase the products from a reputable company to get an authentic product with great discounts. 


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