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As you are looking to update any space in your home or office, there are a lot of components that can come together. You need to consider the colors you would like to put on the walls, the flooring, the light fixtures, and even some of the furniture you would like to add to the space. As you design this area, you may also want to add in some artwork to really make it shine.  

While there are many types of artwork that you can go with, when you want a modern and updated look, choosing some modern art will really enhance your interior design. But which types of modern art should you choose to go with? Some of the awesome types of modern art to choose to enhance your interior design include:


If you would like to add in some art to your home that takes a ton of work and shows the true dedication of the artist, then you can’t go wrong with pointillism. This one can take the artist a long time to get done, but really looks amazing and will quickly become a focal point no matter which room you decide to put it in.  

This is often considered a neo-impressionist technique and will require the artist to make a fairly complex piece of art, using individual dots of color. This will bring together rational thought and some of the modern scientific world.  

When you look at the picture from afar, it looks like the artist used brush strokes to handle all of the work. But step closer and you will be able to see the individual dots that they used to create the work of art. You will be amazed at the dedication and time of the painting and will have something amazing to put up in your space. 

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We can’t have a discussion of modern art forms to put into your interior design space without taking a look at symbolism. This can bring in so many great opportunities and unique paintings that you could put a lot of them up in the space and sit there debating and wondering about it for a long time.  

Symbolism is a late 19th century art movement that actually came more out of the Gothic Romanticism movement. As the name suggests, this is going to help convey a concept, ideology, or moral rather than depicting what is going on in real life. This can make it a fun option to add into your home for something different. 

Impressionism Art 

Another type of art that you can consider adding into your home is impressionism art. This is a big departure from some of the traditional forms of art that were available in the past, which helped to really change the mindset that people in the early twentieth century thought about the art they looked at.  

The main objective in this type of art is to really capture the world as it is right now, rather than sticking with some of the historical, religious, or mythological paintings that were popular before this time. Some of the features that are found in impressionism art due to this include:

The use of bright colors will cause little mixing. This helped to create a larger contrast. Most impressionists will avoid black completely in their paintings. 

Short, broken brush strokes that are going to be layered on each other while they are still wet. This means the paint will dry at the same time and colors will start to intermingle a bit. 

The canvas would be white or light in color, which was the opposite of the dark canvases used before. 

This art form can look really awesome in your space, giving some vibrance and a unique space that you are not able to find anywhere else. If you want to update some of your interior space, then you should consider buying impressionism art for your home. 


This is a unique movement that has provided a lot of great artwork to the world and helps you to bring something new into the mix when designing a new space. This is an early 20th century movement that was named from les Fauves, which means wild beasts. 

Fauvism is going to really rely on vivid unrealistic colors and features that will stand out from the crowd. This can ensure that the artwork is going to stand out from the crowd and really catch the attention of those who take a look at it when they walk into the space. 


Next on the list is a movement called cubism. This is going to go a different way than some of the other art movements on our list because it focuses more on simplicity to make a point, rather than all the brightness or symbolism of some of the others.  

Cubism was actually revolutionary in the art world because it wanted to go with a simple form and to deconstruct the perspective. It helped to inspire some later movements that came up like abstract art and surrealism. 


This movement allows you to dream about the world to come. It was an early 20th century art movement that is still a lot of fun and worked to emphasize some futuristic themes like youth, risk, speed, technology, confusion, and even mechanization. 

This movement borrows from cubism quite a bit. And while it doesn’t really have much of an influence on any of the other styles that have come out since that time, it is really unique and can look nice in your space. 

Choosing the Right Piece of Modern Art

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There are so many great pieces of modern art that you can choose to work with that it is often difficult to know which one will stand out for you. Take some time to look at the art types above and pick one that stands out and speaks to you before adding it into your own interior design space. 

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