Sewer pipes are an essential part of your plumbing system. They act as the drain lines for waste. As you continue staying in your house and handling household chores, the pipes accumulate food particles, hair, and other types of dirt you push down the drain. Also, rot buildup from the plants in your yard can cause clogging.

Therefore, you must enlist the services of a professional sewer pipe cleaner. Regular drainage servicing saves you money in the long run by preventing expensive repair work. Sadly, not everyone is trustworthy in the sewer cleaning business. Hence, you need to be careful when choosing a sewer pipe cleaner to avoid being duped.


The following are the steps you should take to choose a good sewer pipe cleaner in West Jordan, Utah:

1. Assess Their Customer Service

First impressions matter a lot. Your first interaction with the sewer pipe cleaner influences your choice. Whether it’s by phone or through their website, you need to check their response. Their customer service and level of professionalism should help you decide whether or not a contractor is worth hiring.

A reputable sewer cleaner, such as this company, will respond to your calls in time. They’ll be ready to answer all your questions, suggest recommendations, and assign an appropriate repair team, ready to dispatch whenever you need their services at your home.

If your calls take a long time to be answered or are ignored, it’s a sign of poor service, and you should check such companies off your list.

2. Check The Prices

You need to do your research on the cost of sewer pipe cleaning. It helps you stick to your budget and, also, get affordable services. Price is crucial, but it shouldn’t be your only consideration.

Remember, the cheapest price doesn’t always equate to a great deal, the same way that an expensive price doesn’t always mean the best services in the area Thus, compare the prices with the service quality. For example, in the case of emergency sewer pipe cleaners—they may charge hefty prices, but their services are 24/7 and they guarantee fast response times, making the costs worthwhile.

Also, you need to check for hidden costs. A good sewer pipe cleaner in west Jordan should be upfront with all information on the service price.

3. Consider Company Reputation

The reputation of a company precedes it and, more often than not, indicates its service quality. So, visit their website, check the customer reviews, and visit their social media pages to learn more about their service quality. You need to be thorough with your online research.

Other than that, you can ask your family, colleagues, or friends for references and suggestions to reliable sewer pipe cleaners that they previously hired to solve plumbing issues. Word of mouth recommendations gives you confidence in the cleaner, and you easily trust their work.

4. Check For Licenses And Certifications

A good sewer pipe cleaner should have licenses from a trade body recognized in West Jordan. A company with a permit hires well-trained technicians with great experience, and you’re sure they’ll adequately identify and correct any sewer pipe problem.

In light of this, you need to hire a cleaner with licenses and certifications to avoid problems like further damage to the pipes, difficulty finding the issues, and long repair times. Hiring a certified sewer pipe cleaner makes life easy when you know your pipes are in good hands.

5. Find Out About The Technology They Use

Unlike in the past, when snaking was used to identify the location of clogs, sewer pipe cleaners today rely on technology to effectively map out the problems. When choosing your cleaner, find out what technology they use. They’re a good pick if they use special cameras to identify where clogs are and their sizes.

A cleaner that uses technology like the free hydro cleaning technique is fast, effective, and reduces further aggravation of your sewer pipe damage.

6. Check If They Offer Emergency Services

Sewer pipe problems, like standing water, leaking faucets, clogged toilets, kitchen and bathtub drains, foul odor, and sewer backup, are a nightmare. When you have any of these issues and the drain cleaning products aren’t working, you need immediate and emergency repair.

Therefore, when choosing your sewer pipe cleaner, pick one that’s available 24/7 in West Jordan. This way, you can avoid waiting several days to unclog your toilet. Although they cost more than other services, they give instant, effective, and efficient services. So, pay the extra buck and avoid the discomfort of lousy sewer pipes.


Sewer pipe problems in your home need immediate fixing. Choosing a professional pipe cleaner in West Jordan is an excellent way for you to maintain the seamless running of your household chores. Trying to clean the pipes yourself or hiring quacks could cause more damage; hence, finding a professional cleaner is vital. With the above tips, you’ll be able to hire an effective and reliable sewer pipe cleaning service provider.

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