A kitchen countertop deserves all the attention you can give because it is your workstation where you do the entire cooking prep. Moreover, it enhances kitchen aesthetics and serves functional purposes such as providing space for your appliances and ingredients. It also bears the brunt of spills and hot vessels during everyday cooking. You will expect the kitchen countertop to look good and last forever. But you must do your bit to ensure its longevity, which is absolutely doable. Follow these tips to keep your kitchen countertop in good shape over the years.

Embrace a cleaning routine

A daily cleaning routine does more than keeping your countertop looking new and shiny forever. It makes the surface last, despite bearing splashes and spills over the years. Moreover, prompt cleaning can prevent surface stains from liquids such as wine and coffee. While granite can stain quickly and quartz is less likely to hold them due to its low permeability, you must not skip cleaning the spills immediately. Also, follow a daily cleaning schedule with a mild soap solution to maintain the hygiene of the food prep area.

Safeguard from harsh chemicals

Your kitchen countertop may also get damaged due to exposure to harsh chemicals like caustic oven cleaners and soaps. Choose the cleaning products wisely to ensure they do not corrode the surface. You can opt for a mild variant or natural cleaners like vinegar to clean the area and remove the germs without damaging the surface. Also, be conscious of chemical spills and avoid them as much as possible.

Avoid heat exposure

Hot pans and utensils are a part of kitchen tasks, but these shouldn’t be on your countertops. Some materials, such as quartz, are naturally heat-resistant, but you should not go complacent with their care. Experts at All About Quartz recommend avoiding frequent exposure to heat by placing trivets under hot vessels. A little care and maintenance are all you need to make your quartz countertop last for decades, so do your bit for longevity.

Use a cutting board

As a cooking enthusiast, you will probably want to get down to cutting and chopping work quickly. Although using your countertop for these tasks sounds easy, you may end up scratching even the most durable surfaces. Switch to the habit of using a cutting board, as it can save the kitchen countertop surface for the years to come. Moreover, a chopping board is more hygienic and easy to clean.

Do not overload the countertop

You may have the sturdiest countertop, but overloading can weaken it structurally over time. Avoid using it as a stepping stool to organize the overhead cabinets and shelves or placing heavy appliances over it. Quartz is less susceptible to cracks and fissures, but materials like granite may have weak spots that can crack under the excess load. Moreover, repairs often leave marks and stains that affect the surface aesthetics. 

Kitchen countertops can last forever if you give them the care they deserve. Follow these simple tips as daily kitchen rules to get the best value for your investment. 

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