In the Entertainment Capital of the World, there are sights to see that you’ll never find anywhere else in the world. Amidst the famous casinos and spectacular hotels, however, The Bellagio sets a new standard for luxury along the Las Vegas Strip.

That’s why, when you Google sights to see or activities to do in Las Vegas, don’t be surprised to find The Bellagio at the top of the list. Their fountains are certainly a treat to behold, but the thrill of the AAA Five Diamond Resort & Casino has more to offer. What makes their design so unparalleled?

The Inspiration Behind The Bellagio

Initially inspired to create a French-themed Beau Rivage resort, owner Steve Wynn would scrap this idea for Bellagio, a village in Lombardy in northern Italy. Further inspired by the beauty of Lake Como, the plans for the design would cost an additional $1.6 billion.

Wynn’s vision would be brought to life with the collaborative effort between Atlandia Design, architect DeRuyter Butler, project executive Peter Smith, Architectural Digest 100 four-time winner, Roger Thomas, and Jon Jerde. Here’s how they made it work:


Wynn wanted to elevate Bellagio’s stunning views by catering to upscale clientele. And as demand for gambling increased in Las Vegas, Wynn focused on high-stakes poker.

The 7,000 square feet space in The Bellagio would become one of Las Vegas’s top poker rooms. It is home to the World Poker Tour but even better: inside the already exclusive playground for adults, Wynn would include an even more exclusive two-table enclave, the Legends Room. This hosts part of the famed World Poker Tour.

That’s not all. The Bellagio’s other open secret is The Batcave, a hidden cavern of cords and cables, gears and grease that run underneath the luxury hotel. For a fee, guests can be ushered underneath to specially control the famed public spectacle of the Bellagio fountains.

Being part of a secret club is part of the thrill that encapsulates The Bellagio’s luxurious design. Folks wanting to mimic this exclusivity can consider creating a secret room or hide out. See how this listed home in California converted their safe room into a quirky private theater, complete with plush lounge seating and a black-tone drop ceiling.

Greco-Roman style

Inspired by Bellagio, Italy, The Bellagio would incorporate Greek style home interior decorating in their hotel. This meshed well with Wynn’s idea of a sophisticated design, as the Romans sought to add a touch of extravagance and detail to the austere Greek decor.

Consider furniture made from wood, and emphasize its simplicity with intricate scrolls and design. This provides a great contrast to rich textiles, used in draped fabrics or tapestry wall hangings, like wool, linen, silk and leather.

The color palette similarly uses tones found naturally: Roman design prioritizes earth tones like deep terra cotta while the Greeks use colors found in the sky. Together, they create a rich ambiance with the perfect touch of color for an elegant accent.

Marble accents

These accents are often tastefully done through the glossy sway of marble. These are fitted to top tables as a mosaic, or are laid to create a natural stone flooring.

Homeowners can pattern their house remodeling after The Bellagio’s, when they had outfitted their bathrooms with dual sinks to create a stunning display of granite and marble. This is a simple but tasteful way to incorporate the beautiful stone into your home, amplifying its aesthetic value without much cost.

It’s clear that The Bellagio’s current architectural marvels are the effort of many artists. To get you started on your property’s creative remodeling, consider visiting the Las Vegas Market for some inspiration and accent pieces before running your ideas together with our local designers at JL Interior Design to give you the interior of your dreams.

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