Buying a condominium is exciting especially if you are buying condos in Fort Worth, TX. You just know that you have made a great decision. Now it’s the time to protect your purchase with great condo insurance. Before you buy condo insurance you need to understand the technical details of the condo insurance. This will help you purchase the right condo insurance that covers all your needs. At Charla Brotherton, we have seen ample examples of people not taking the responsible decision of purchasing condo insurance. A lot of buyers do not purchase condo insurance and repent later. Here are some of the most common mistakes that condo buyers make while purchasing condo insurance. Do not let these mistakes ruin your condo insurance!

Choosing cash value reimbursement over the replacement costs

While nobody hopes to ever be in a position to file for insurance, you need to ensure that you have the right coverage in case disaster strikes. Many condo owners choose cash value reimbursement instead of the full replacement cost. This is unfortunately one of the most common mistakes that condo owners make. Although the terms are similar, they have different meanings. The cash value reimbursement means that you will get the original amount you paid for an item minus the depreciation. While you might think that this is a good idea; it might not be enough because the depreciation might eat away a major chunk of the item’s original cost.

Hence, before you buy insurance always ask your condo insurance agent about your options for replacement cost reimbursement. Although, most companies charge higher premiums for this kind of insurance, the replacement cost reimbursement will provide you with sufficient coverage in case of an event.

Not reading the fine print

Understand that insurance policies are complicated documents. You might not like to read through the entire policy before signing it. This is a grave mistake that many insurance policy buyers make. This essentially means that you have agreed to the terms and conditions of the policy even when you are not aware of them. Understand that all that is printed in your policy means something. Hence it is important that you read and understand the entire document before signing the dotted line.

Make it a point to read the entire policy thoroughly and always ask questions to your insurance agent about the things that you do not understand. All the insurance policies list exactly what is covered under the policy and what is not covered. You will also need to note a list of your possessions that are covered in events like a burglary.

Going with the low-cost provider

Whether you’re new to Fort Worth, TX or simply do not understand insurance policies, you need to conduct deep research before you zero in on your insurance service provider or simply visit a website like for better understanding. Understand that like all other things, in insurance policies also, you get what you pay for. A lot of companies will advertise low premiums and lure customers. Do not make the mistake of assuming that all injury policies and companies are the same. 

Understand that you are buying an insurance policy because you believe that the insurance company will help you get your money while filing a claim. And not because you just want a document that you can show to the authorities.

There is a wide range of condo insurance policies available in the market today. Purchasing the right coverage according to your requirements can be difficult. An expert agent will offer you the right advice and help you find the most appropriate insurance policy that covers all your unique requirements.


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