Innovative ways to extend outdoor living space in small garden decking ideas fi

Do you have a small garden? Are you planning for its makeover? Check out below how exterior house design service providers have inspirational ideas out there for you to get an outstanding outdoor space created with no limitations.

Innovative ways to extend outdoor living space in small garden decking ideas 1

Bigger Space Illusion

Bigger space illusion Innovative Ways To Extend Outdoor Living Space In Small Garden Decking Ideas


In a small space, it is a smart idea to create the illusion of a bigger space by having different levels of decking. You may split level decking as an easy way to define different zones in a small space either for chill, relaxation, or rest spot. After that, think about plants to make your small gardens alive. Consider adding outdoor furniture Pymble in your decking to welcome guests and family bonding and entertainment area.

Soft Shades Of Gray

Soft shades of gray Innovative Ways To Extend Outdoor Living Space In Small Garden Decking Ideas


Considering the best color for your deck carefully is one of the keys to designing a small garden. Choose not too many colors, materials, and finishes to avoid a crowded look. The right combination will make a small garden feel bigger. So tonal gray balcony here works perfectly to soften the boundaries of the deck. Then, it will create a more generous feel to your outdoor space.

A Walk Way

Add a playful feel to the outdoor area with a walkway to show off the length of the outside space. Then, finish the presentation with some raised flowers bed with the best trees that suit the small gardens, pebbles, and a patch of grass.

Choosing the best plants for a walkway depends on various factors, including climate, sunlight conditions, soil type, and personal preferences. Low-growing ground covers like Creeping Jenny, Creeping Thyme, and Corsican Mint are popular choices for creating a dense and visually appealing mat. Dwarf shrubs such as Dwarf Boxwood, Dwarf Japanese Holly, and Dwarf Nandina are compact and evergreen options that contribute to a neat appearance. 

Grasses like Blue Fescue and Mondo Grass offer a unique texture and stay close to the ground. Perennials like Hostas, Daylilies, and Sedum provide a range of colors and require minimal maintenance. Aromatic herbs like Lavender, Rosemary, and Thyme add fragrance to the walkway.

Simple But Sophisticated

A full deck garden in a gorgeous green space is worth its weight in gold. The decking helps to update the awkward slopes and make a destination for entertaining, relaxing, and even eating. After that, filling the space with greenery on pots is wonderful. Pair wooden decking back to the slatted wood fence and slatted wood built-in bench seating is great to achieve a balanced look.

Enhancing the elegance of your deck garden is achievable by adding beautiful lighting. Adding carefully placed lights can illuminate the space and create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Consider incorporating string lights, lanterns, or solar-powered pathway lights to highlight specific features, such as plants, seating areas, or architectural elements. 

This contributes to the aesthetic appeal of your deck garden and extends the space’s usability into the evening hours. Choose lighting fixtures that complement your garden’s overall design and style, creating a harmonious and visually pleasing outdoor environment.

Circular Deck

If you are stuck thinking about what to do with your awkward space outdoors, this idea may become the answer for you. This idea creates a stand-out entertainment area in your outdoors with a curvilinear and geometric design. After that, the tropical garden idea is the best friend to the deck with plants for a lush urban jungle.

Seamless Transition

Create a seamless transition between indoors and outdoors by installing indian stone paving. It will hide irrigation, drainage, and power cables within the substructure.  Besides, hardwood decking will offer a natural warmth underfoot that will be great for barefoot transition between garden and house.

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