Incomparable ways to prepare chimney for winter use2

Winter is exactly in front of us. You must have great home preparation to enjoy the winter season. Check the ideas below of Incomparable Ways To Prepare Chimney For Winter Use.

Incomparable ways to prepare chimney for winter use1

Get The Professional Chimney Sweep

Get the professional chimney sweep Incomparable Ways To Prepare Chimney For Winter Use


Start by booking a professional chimney sweep to ensure your chimney is fully swept and clear of soot and debris. You may try and sweep your chimney on a yearly basis to keep your flue or chimney clear and safe ahead of the colder months. Therefore, sweep your chimney in the summer or spring so you will be ready as soon as possible as the winter arrives. After that, ensure to sweep the chimney at least once a year to prevent blockages or buildup of soot.

Clean-Fire Place

Clean fire place Incomparable Ways To Prepare Chimney For Winter Use


After the first step above, do a big clean of your fireplace so it will spick and span for the first fire. First, to get rid of soot and dirt you may clean the bricks, stones, or tiles.  Second, for flame visibility, you can clean the glass on your wood burner. Third, to get rid of old ash and soot, just sweep the inside of your fireplace. The household waste will dispose of leftover wood ash or it can be recycled in a soil patch. Last, clean fireside accessories to have a fresh look and be ready to use. Make sure you regularly clean your fireplace or stove since they get dirty very quickly.

Wood Preparation

Wood preparation is essential when you want to display chimneys for winter. You may prepare a good quality hardwood species like oak, beech, birch, or ash that will burn the cleanest and longest with a bright flame. Besides, you are highly suggested to avoid soft woods like pine, cypress, and firs which burn too quickly and unappeasably produce more smoke. Make sure the logs of wood are cut to fit into your fireplace perfectly when you cutting your own.

Do Not Forget About Log Storage

There are so many choices to store logs whether inside or outside of the home. You may go with baskets, crates, or custom-built wall niches. A large log store outdoors and smaller decorative storage areas inside your home beside the fire will establish a smart balance between practicality and style.

Finishing Touch

Once your chimney has been down steps of wept, cleaned, and logs gathered, it is time to add a finishing touch to create an enhanced feeling of coziness. So you may add cushions, soft blankets, and candles to have a relaxing and inviting ambiance.

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