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Do you own a house? Then you must have come across ‘Homeowners insurance’ once in a while. Homeowners insurance provides financial coverage for damages due to natural disasters, theft, robbery, etc. But not all insurance policies cover everything. So, as a house owner, you should buy a policy that offers comprehensive coverage for roof damages, electrical equipment, or complete house construction. 

Usually, a general homeowner’s insurance plan covers most of the damage incurred due to fire or vandalism. But companies are signing off from including hail or wind damage for roofs. Here’s an example:

Suppose a storm hits your city. It caused immense damage to your residential property. Plus, the hail and wind left your roof in urgent need of replacement. 

At this point, consider making an urgent call to Roofing Contractors Austin; before you do that, check if your insurance covers a new roof.

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When Will Homeowners Insurance Not Cover A New Roof?

In many cases, homeowners insurance provides financial coverage for a new roof when the damage is because of extreme weather conditions. However, your policy may not cover normal wear and tear. That means the company will provide financial assistance when roof damage needs significant repairs or complete construction.

Precisely, all situations are unique, and there’s no one-size-fits-all policy here. The financial coverage depends on the type and plan of the policy. That being said, your agent can deny any claim you’ll make for roof repair based on these exclusions:

  • Improper Maintenance

Insurance Companies consider maintenance an essential part of offering coverage. So, when you call your agent, they’ll assess the prior condition of the roof and analyze if the roof damage happened due to improper maintenance. If your roof was built years ago, there’s every chance the insurance agent will call off your claim.

  • Geographic Location

If you live in an area that witnesses the most rainfall or snowstorms, it’s pretty much possible that the insurance company will deny your claim.

  • Material And Type Of Roof

Do-it-yourself is the new normal today. But companies do not provide financial assistance for your DIY techniques. So make sure a professional roofing company installs and maintains your roof timely. 

In short, old roofing, lack of essential roof maintenance, or improper roof cover installation could be reasons your insurance company rejected your claim. 

When Will Homeowners Insurance Cover Expenses For a New Roof?

Insurance Companies can find many loopholes to deny your claim. Therefore you need to approach the company to get insurance coverage carefully.

After wind, hail, or storm damages your roof, do not hesitate to call your insurance agent. Ask your agent what steps you need to take for filing a claim, exclusions from policy, etc. Once you have a clear idea about the claims that fall under your insurance coverage, you can go ahead with the new roof installation.

Asking prior will save you from paying extra or unnecessarily for a new roof. Your insurance agent will provide details such as the evidence you need to file a claim, estimates from roofing contractors, etc. 


Insurance companies would only accept a claim if your roof was well maintained before the hail or wind damage. You can contact Hail Damage Roof Repair Company for accurate estimates, replacement, and quality roof repair. It will help you file a substantial insurance claim with evidence.


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