Having swimming pool at your garden will not be only dream any more. For those hot summer days, a refreshing dip is all the relief you need from the scorching heat. While your kids would very much prefer frolicking in the local park with those fun commercial waterpark slides, there are days when you just don’t feel like driving there. It would not hurt to build your own backyard pool as a backup. If you don’t have enough budgets to make the big one, you are pleased to have the small one. It can be created at your backyard, but please to consult the expert. Build a swimming pool is not easy, you need other help. Here are some small natural swimming pools to copy at your backyard;

Small swimming pool 1

This natural swimming pool will make your backyard more fabulous. Let your family to swim at this pool every day. Then, take a look at the water feature of this small swimming pool which looks so stunning.

Small swimming pool 2

Just let your children to practice swimming at your own small pool of your backyard. You only have to pay attention on how they swim or teach them how to be a good swimmer. This small swimming pool actually need little budget, so you can make it without worry.

Small swimming pool 3

This is a simple design of small swimming pool for your backyard. Look at the water feature which is also designed ordinary. What makes this swimming pool interesting is how you give some plants around the backyard and put outdoor dining table as well.

Small swimming pool 4

Complete your backyard with a tiled swimming pool with phenomenal water surface like the picture above. This is outstanding design which will give more beauty to your house. Even, the small plants make this small pool more astounding.

Small swimming pool 5

How about this design? It looks amazing to be built at your house doesn’t it? With some big stones and plants, this swimming pool brings natural beauty to this lovely back yard. This is good to be applied at your modern house style.

Small swimming pool 6

Enjoy your holiday at your own small swimming pool at your backyard with your family and or friend. Spend time at this place will relax your mind. Even, you can do sun bathing at this place. No need to go to the beach any more.

Small swimming pool 7

A greenery small swimming pool looks good as well for your backyard. It needs more plants which will make your swimming pool fresh. This design can be adopt for modern house and or traditional house style.

Small swimming pool 8

Bring a lake into your garden by making this small swimming pool. It looks more natural to apply this design for your garden. Stone, wood, and plants are part of nature that will make your swimming pool shows its natural beauty.

Small swimming pool 9

This is another natural swimming pool design for your garden. No one will reject this design for their small garden. This looks amazing for a house with its green view which will relax your mind after a long hard day. Just try this for your house.


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