After a big storm, you may find that there is hail that has fallen on your roof. If the pieces were small, it is unlikely that you need to worry about too much damage as most materials are strong enough to withstand it, unless the roof is already very old. But if there are some very large pieces of hail that have fallen, even a new roof can run into trouble.

It is important for homeowners to recognize that there could be hail damage and be able to see what it looks like on their roof. If you ignore hail damage on the roof, the condition can get worse and you could end up with a lot of damage to the interior of your home. Each type of shingle will react a bit differently when hail strikes and you need to know the signs to look for as well. These include:

Asphalt Shingles

Many homes are going to rely on asphalt shingles to help keep the home safe. these are versatile and come in a lot of different types and colors to ensure they look nice on a home, no matter where you live. They can also be affordable, which is why homeowners may love them. Some of the signs of hail damage on your asphalt shingles include: 

  • You touch the area and it is soft to the touch
  • Part of the shingle looks shiny
  • There are areas where the granules on the shingles have been removed.
  • Hits on the shingle that are dark or black
  • Random damage that may not have a pattern present.

Wood Shingles

Some homeowners are going to have wood shingles in place. These are more expensive compared to some of the other options, but they do look nice and can make your home really unique compared to some of the others on the list. Some of the signs that you can look for when trying to determine whether there has been hail damage to your wood shingles includes:

  • There are dents or impact marks found along the splits
  • You see that there is a type of split in the shingle that has no or little deterioration that is found on the edges
  • You notice that there is a split in your shingle with sharp edges and corners or one that is orange or brown in color.
  • You look at the roof and notice that there is random damage across it.

Ways That Hail Can Damage a Roof 

Now that we have looked at some of the signs that you should look for when checking for hail damage on the roof, you also need to consider why this I so important. Why do you need to check the roof at all to see whether there is damage, rather tan just ignoring it? There are a few issues that happen when hail hits the roof and some of these include: 

  • Weakening of the roof: When you have significant damage from hail to the roof, it will mess with the integrity of the roofing system. This is prevalent in any system, but most likely found in asphalt shingles. Without the proper care, this will lead to the shingles aging too quickly and you needing a new roof.
  • Water buildup: If there is enough damage to the roof due to hail, it is possible for a small leak to show up as well. When the homeowner does not find these ahead of time, the damage can start to get into the home through the attic. It could go through the ceiling, wall, insulation and could get bad enough to cause some structural damage.
  • HVAC damage: As your roof continues to leak, it is possible that some of that water is going to seep into the ducts and vents of your HVAC system, which will never be a good thing for this system either.
  • Damage to insulation, walls, and ceilings: Moisture that goes through the roof can start to leak into other areas of your home as well, causing a good deal of damage if you are not careful. This can ruin the integrity of your home and may cause issues and lots of expenses as you try to fix it all.
  • Mold; The more moisture that gets into the home, the more you will need to worry about mold and mildew collecting as well. Black mold can be a specifically difficult problem as it can spread through the home if you allow it to go long enough. Both of these things can cause a lot of health issues and may make everyone in your family really sick.
  • Fire hazards: Without the proper care to your roof, it is possible that moisture will get into some of the electrical components of the home, causing a big fire hazard as well.
  • Electrical system damage: Your home relies on a lot of electricity to stay going strong and make you comfortable. If moisture from the roof starts to seep in, you are at a higher risk when you want to use some of the appliances in your home.

It is never a good idea to ignore some of the main signs of hail damage on your roof. If you see some of the signs that we listed above or you are not certain whether there is damage or not, then it is time to call in the professionals and have them come and take a look. They will be better equipped to look at your roof and determine if there is any hail damage, and to what extent, giving you some of the relief and peace of mind that you need to keep your home secure.  

In some cases, you will need to call in the professionals to take a look at your roof and check whether there is any roof hail damage that you need to care for and look at to protect your home. When you need roof hail damage repair, trust our team to work with you to look over the roof and provide you with some of the care and attention that your home needs. Get that hail damage repaired as quickly as possible to ensure that the rest of your home stays protected as well.

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