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Barn doors were once popular in America and were used in industrial and agricultural premises. The simplicity and convenience of the designs led to the fact that they gradually began to be used in the design of living space. These products perfectly complement the popular loft or country style, but with the proper organization of space, they can be used in almost any style. Replace closet doors with barn doors is not difficult, you only need hardware and a flat panel that will perform the function of the sash.

The use of barn doors as closet doors has become common for several reasons. First, such constructions take up little space, which is very important in the conditions of small housing. Secondly, they look beautiful in the interior and perfectly support the concept of some styles. Therefore, wood barn door for a closet single panel can become an original detail in the room. 

How do barn doors for closets look like?

For the manufacture of barn doors, wood is used, most often it is oak, ash, pine. Wood is an ecological material, reliable and has excellent decorative properties. The material is varnished to prolong its life and make the construction more durable and attractive. As a result, the wood texture is preserved. Such doors are reliable and durable. The barn door over closet is fixed with special details that add even more “antiquity” to the interior.

The barn mechanism is the main element of these doors and includes such elements: 

  • rails, which are attached to other elements of the cabinet;
  • hangers, installed on the leaf; 
  • rollers, which move along the guide; limiters. 

Steel and quality bearings are used to make the barn mechanism. Each mechanism is assembled by hand. This process is not complicated, but requires some skills. 

Pros and cons of barn doors for closets

Such constructions as barn doors for the closet are very popular and common. They have a number of advantages and disadvantages. Let’s examine all aspects separately.


The advantages of barn doors are the following:

  • space saving – if there is little space in the room, these doors for the closet will be the ideal option. It is convenient to open them, they do not create any obstacles and restrictions;
  • functionality – such designs are installed not only in cabinets, but also as interior partitions, which allow you to divide the space into zones. With such doors, you can create screens, or use as a door to a pantry or library;
  • no width restrictions – normal doors for cabinets should be chosen according to the standard. Barn doors, especially sliding doors, expands these possibilities;
  • the uniqueness of design – such structures create a special antique atmosphere, and they can be used in any interior, if you choose the other elements correctly. 

Taking into account so many positive points, we can conclude that a cabinet with barn doors will become not only a functional element, but also will perfectly complement the interior.


Despite the large number of pros, there are a few disadvantages that can be an obstacle to the idea of installing barn doors:

  • high price – since the manufacture of such doors requires natural wood, the cost of the material will not be affordable to everyone;
  • the impossibility of installing such a design – it happens that the space does not allow to mount such doors in the cabinet for the reason that other elements may hinder the opening;
  • incompatibility with the interior – in some cases, such doors will be totally inappropriate for the installation and will spoil the whole view of the room. For example, for a classic interior with stucco, barn doors will not suit at all, because it will be a combination of two opposite styles.

With all the disadvantages, such constructions do not lose their relevance, because now more and more choose the style of minimalism, natural materials and various antique elements.

Can any barn door become a closet door?

Almost any barn door can be suitable for a closet. It is important that its size fits the opening. If the construction turns out to be too big, you can try to make it smaller. In case the door will be too small, it will not be suitable for installation.

The barn model may not fit on a cabinet with a complex design. For example, a corner one. In order for the door to open, it should not be hindered by anything. If it will rest against the corner of the cabinet, it will be impossible to open it. You can install extreme barn doors if the design features of the corner cabinet allow it. The sliding barn door for bedroom closet is especially popular, as this solution not only looks great, but also saves a lot of space. It is good to barn doors used for closets with a wide solid opening in the living room.

Design ideas: barn doors for closets

Barn doors look beautiful in many interior solutions, especially in the loft style. Wooden leaf looks attractive against a brick wall. The delicate texture of wood softens the rough brick and metal elements. Double sliding closet barn doors are suitable for dressing rooms or dividing zones.

Country style barn doors with other wood elements, metal and textiles would be the perfect complement. Wooden texture fills the space with warmth and coziness, so it always looks successful in the interior. Solid mounts bring even more “antiquity” to the room and emphasize the rustic style.

A barn door does not always have to be made of wood. Glass, plastic, metal are often used to make such an element, which allows you to use this construction in almost any interior.

Sliding closet doors barn style can highlight the central wall in the living room and hide large shelves with books or other things. Wood in such a room will create comfort and make the interior more laconic.

The door painted to match the color of the wall can successfully hide a built-in closet in the room. When the door is closed, you can’t immediately guess that there is a hidden niche. You can leave the mount in the color of the metal or paint it black to highlight this element. 

A successful design solution is to install such a door in the closet, which can also perform the function of dividing the room into zones. When the room is closed by a partition, the closet remains open, and vice versa, when the closet is covered by a sash, there is no wall between the rooms. This is a very popular method, which allows to save a lot of space.

Barn doors for bedroom closet can be double or single – it all depends on the size of the opening and the overall interior. To create a wood imitation and save space, you can use a raised panel.

Final words

Barn panel is now very popular for a number of reasons. First of all, it saves space, which is especially important today. The attractive appearance of such a decorative element is another good reason to install such a construction in your home. Closet with sliding barn doors will easily add style to any room. The company United Porte offers a large selection of products such as barn doors, which will successfully fit into any space. 

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