Your foyer is the first thing guests see once they enter your home, and you want yours to make a statement. The right decor will create an inviting space at the entrance of your home. Here is some inspiration to create a welcoming entryway, from lights to design.  

1. Update Your Lighting 

Add a funky light fixture to your foyer to catch people’s eyes as they enter your home. A fun chandelier can take your little entryway to the next level and create a grand entrance. Lighting is everything — you can use it to create ambiance or brighten up a space to make it more warm and welcoming. 

2. Add a Bench 

A bench can be a welcoming and functional addition to your entryway. You can use it for storage, decoration or as a place to put on or take off your shoes. Customize your storage space by adding wall hooks, baskets and magnetic strips near the bench. Family members can store their shoes, purses or backpacks in the bins and use the hooks for jackets and sweaters.

3. Paint Your Door

A fresh coat of paint can transform your entryway and make an excellent first impression. Change the color of your front door to convey the message you want it to portray. It’s the first thing your guests see when they visit your home, so ensure it doesn’t clash with the exterior and works well with your stone or siding.

3. Install Stylish Hardware

Draw attention to the details in your foyer by using handles and hinges that are visually appealing. The right metal finish can tie everything in your entryway together and add to the room’s flow. Remember to factor in the shape of your door handle and the curves that can add a traditional look to your decor. Remember your light switch and outlet covers as well. 

5. Play With Patterns

Try some bold wallpaper to decorate your entryway and make it pop. You can use fun and exciting designs to create a funky or cozy vibe that welcomes you into your home. If you are the type that likes to switch things up, consider using peel-and-stick paper so you can replace it whenever you want to change the vibe. 

6. Decorate a Bookcase

A bookcase can add a stylish element to any space and be used for many purposes. You can store all your favorite books on it or decorate it with knickknacks, candles and photos you want on display. Ensure you keep it neat and that it complements your existing decor

7. Hang a Mirror

A mirror can elevate your space and bring more light into your home’s entryway. Position it opposite a window so it can bounce light and add depth to your room, making it appear larger. A full-length mirror will be handy to check your reflection on your way out of your house and can also elongate your entrance for a timeless and classic look. 

8. Make a Gallery Wall 

You can make a gallery wall to create an aesthetically pleasing entrance to your home. Use framed photos of your family, art prints or whatever your desire to create a focal point. Gallery walls look perfect in a foyer because they can improve the feng shui of the entrance. 

9. Buy a Coat Rack 

Consider adding a coat rack to your foyer if you’d rather not place hooks on your walls. It’s functional since everyone needs a place to hang their jacket. Coat racks can also be a unique statement piece for your entryway. Consider looking at local thrift stores or antique shops to find something that can make the most of your foyer. 

10. Put Down a Rug 

Rugs can add an extra element to your foyer that can change the dynamic of a room. Try not to overwhelm your space with too many patterns. However, you can opt for fun designs if you have neutral decor and walls. If you already have bold elements, consider a neutral rug to even out the space. 

Foyer Decor Ideas

Decorating your entryway can be a fun and exciting challenge that you can switch up whenever you like. Revamping your entrance can change the vibe of your entire home. Utilize these tips so your foyer reaches its full potential.

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