Many paint and siding color options are available if you want to update your home’s exterior. A single shade can make your house look bland, but the wrong combination could make your neighbors question your sanity. 

You can have fun with your exterior colors in a way that makes your home stand out in all the right ways. Here are 10 color combinations to explore. 

1. Deep Turquoise and Red

Turquoise and red are a great combination to liven up your street without being too overwhelming. These two bold colors complement each other while still standing strong on their own.

A common way to use this color combo is to make deep turquoise your main color and a strong red your accent color for shutters and doors.

2. Pink and White 

Elegant and airy light pinks and whites can turn your home into something out of a fairy tale. 

White lightens and brightens your home, making it look larger. Pink adds a pop of color and fun, keeping it cheerful. The combination is a great option for older houses or homeowners who want a traditional look with a fun twist.

3. Gray and Canary Yellow

Gray and yellow may not immediately come to mind when looking to reside or repaint a home. However, these complementary shades give a chic look to your home while bringing a bit of sunshine.

Yellow homes with gray accents can do wonders to brighten up a neighborhood. For a modern look, stick to gray as your base color and use canary yellow to add pops of brightness.

4. Mocha and Ocean Blue 

Mocha is a rich neutral that can go with many colors. Ocean blue creates a beautiful contrast to give your home a unique appearance.

Like the land and sea, mocha brings a warm earth tone to your home, while ocean blue brings a fun, lighter color that adds dimension.

5. Ivory and Aqua Blue

Ivory and aqua blue are another great neutral and blue combination that can make your home stand out. Ivory is a classic choice for siding, while the striking blue can provide a pop of color on garage doors, shutters and/or the roof.

Unlike mocha, ivory is light and can take perceived weight off your home while making it look larger. Ocean blue could create too much contrast with ivory, but aqua is a light alternative that pairs nicely.

6. Dark Gray and Burnt Orange 

Dark gray and burnt orange is a high-contrast color combo perfect for houses that deserve to stand out.

This trendy and modern combination adds contrast and dimension to an uninteresting home. For many, burnt orange as the siding color may be a bit much, but it’s perfect as an accent. Orange siding is an excellent way to liven up your street.

7. Black and White 

You may not think of black and white as fun colors, but these contrasting shades are excellent for any home exterior when used correctly.

You might be afraid to use more black than white because it could make your home look smaller. While that’s possible, the bold choice can make for a fun addition to your street. Adding a little more black than you think you need can turn a white house with black shutters into a visually interesting piece. 

You can also embrace that white house and black shutter look with a pop of color for your door.

8. Charcoal and Pastels 

Charcoal with pastel colors is an excellent combination. Gray is a neutral that can complement other houses on your street, while pastels work as a fun surprise for any passersby.

Pastels can lighten and brighten your house, while charcoal adds a nice aesthetic.

9. Purple and White 

Purple and white are a bright and fun contrast for any home.

You might want to experiment with color but only paint part of your home. A fun way to do this is with white siding or paint with lavender or violet features.

10. Green and Yellow 

Consider combining green and yellow to give your house a beachy feel. 

It might make you think of lemon-lime when planning it, but if you balance both colors equally, you can create a fun yet sophisticated look for your home

Choosing the Right Color Combination for Your Home 

There are many different colors to consider when changing your house’s exterior. Adding a fun combination can make it stand out from the others on the block and be a welcoming sight to come home to.

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