Engaging nursery murals ideas to create a paradise for play1

Adding murals to your nursery room will create a charm and character. The ideas below are amazing to turn your ordinary nurseries into playful ones.

Engaging nursery murals ideas to create a paradise for play2

Cute Stickers

Cute stickers Engaging Nursery Murals Ideas To Create A Paradise For Play


Cute stickers will instantly create a wonderful nursery room. You may play with a series of smaller stickers with clever scales and position them around the furniture. Thus, your empty wall can look more playful with a larger tree wallpaper while the cot is perfect as a perch for animal friends.

Frame Furniture With Mural

Frame furniture with mural Engaging Nursery Murals Ideas To Create A Paradise For Play


Your kids will feel special when they realize their bed is framed with an enchanting mural like this. It is a semi-circle behind a bed with a simple design of a mountain around the bottom half of the bedroom wall. Besides, with its gender-neutral mural type, it will fit boys’ and girls’ rooms. Moreover, this mural is also nice to highlight a nursing chair, cot, or changing station.

Go With Big Nature

Go with nature will never get you wrong. You may present a mural of spring flowers growing tall on your nursery wall. The look is not too ‘babyish’, so it will create a great space for babies in a toddler room. On the other hand, this idea will be great when you have a plan to switch bedrooms around so you will not need to redecorate.

Tone For Better Sleep

Look at this inspiring wallpaper with a goodnight moon for kids who needs lullabies when they are in the mood for sleep. It will have everyone yawning and better sleep. This mural will work well with white or grey walls to reinvent a neutral guest bedroom as a nursery.

Magic Backdrop To Play

It is an investment to display full-scale wallpaper with the right design to spark the imagination long after your kid is out of nappies. This type of mural is enchanting with forest, and fairy tale charm to add bedtime stories from The Gruffalo to Goldilocks. On the other hand, you may consider a space theme, boats on the high seas, or a jungle for a similar magical backdrop to play.

Delicate Pastels

Pastels are popular to calm the mood of the nursery room. It also creates a more soothing and relaxing both for the child and the parents. This nursery room with soft blues and greens or warm pinky greys background becomes a nice basic from which to add more color for fun.

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