Bewitching 80’s home decor elements that still enchanting today2

From chunky furniture to bright colors are gorgeous to show 80’s decor elements. It will create special moments and memories in your home.

Bewitching 80’s home decor elements that still enchanting today1

Go With Neon

Go with neon Bewitching 80's Home Decor Elements That Still Enchanting Today


Neon is still can embrace the colorful trend nowadays. Use pops of neon pink to give a lot of visual interest to your room. A neon sign will give a nostalgia and statement.

Rounded Accessories

Rounded accessories Bewitching 80's Home Decor Elements That Still Enchanting Today


Get your home sprinkled with a little ’80s elements. So, you may go with round accessories as a perfect way to add a touch of softness to a modern streamlined home. On the other hand, pastel colors will create a super retro look for unforgettable moments.

Memphis Design Is Great

It is an eye-catching start to embrace 80’s home design. You may present all things in abstract, colorful, and loud. As you see in the design above, the abstract-inspired art and pillows to the bold colors throughout the textile are definitely captivating.

Chunky Furniture

Run your living room with two ’80s trends. There are chunky furniture and tambour wood. Here, that furniture will not only give visually interesting but also a great space for a soft homey, and comfortable feel. Besides, chunky furniture is a lovely contrast to your sleek modern pieces at home.

Fresh Palm

As tropical prints are popular in ’80s home design, it is a good idea to present fresh palm. A fresh oversized palm in a retro-inspired bedroom will give a major tropical vibe. Besides, you may use the faux plants to provide a similar look and feel if you think the real one is too much.

Preppy Style

Preppy style brings a big moment during a decade with a wonderful feeling. There are striped patterns, monograms, and white and blue color palettes that blend in a beautiful way. The result will show a classy traditional preppy look for perfect primary suites or guest bedrooms.

Presenting Lucite

Lucite is clean, and clear, with thick plastic decor elements. It will work well in your room to avoid too much clutter and textures. After that, you may also clean it easier. Then, the clear barstools will allow the preppy striped cushions to shine through the whole day.

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