Home renovations are stressful. Easily the most stressful part of any home renovation is protecting and looking after one’s belongings. Things can very easily get damaged during a renovation, especially if you have hired a construction company to perform renovations. There is no way that a construction company is going to care about your things the same way that you do. Therefore, they won’t be as delicate with them.

Often, the best solution for protecting your things during a renovation is to put them into storage. However, this post will explore this and more, offering some tips for protecting your things during your upcoming renovation.


Self-storage Facilities

One of the best ways of protecting your things when renovations are taking place at home is to move them into a self-storage facility. Finding safe storage in the UK is not difficult to do, since there are literally thousands of storage centres up and down the country. Always consider cost when looking for a storage centre though, especially if you are only planning on storing your things for a few weeks. Try to find the cheapest facility that you can. Always read a storage centre’s reviews before renting a unit from them, too. A centre’s reviews will help you to figure out how good their security is, and what their customer support is like. If renting a storage locker is not possible, then consider renting a lockup.

Using Boxes

If you are moving things into a storage unit, or just storing them somewhere in your house, make sure that you use heavy-duty packing boxes. The stronger the boxes your things are stored in, the less likely they will be to become damaged while they are being handled and moved. Ideally, use plastic boxes. Plastic boxes are heavier and more expensive, but they are a lot more durable. Cardboard boxes are more susceptible to damage and get wet a lot easier. You can buy plastic storage boxes in bulk online. The same is also true for cardboard ones.

Careful Labelling

Make sure to label your boxes carefully. You should never store things in boxes without labelling them because this could lead to you forgetting what has been stored and where. Labelling boxes that contain delicate items with ‘Please handle carefully’ will also stop construction workers from throwing boxes around, if they are stored in your house and are in their way. If possible, then label each box with its contents. Labelling each box with its contents, as mentioned previously, will prevent you from losing specific things. A label gun is the easiest way to label your boxes.

Unused Rooms

If you have any unused rooms in your house, then you could store things in them, instead of hiring a storage unit. You only really need a storage unit if you have no room to store anything, or if you will be having your entire house renovated. Storing things in an unused room is just as good as storing them in a unit. If you will not be staying in your house for the duration of your home’s renovations though, then a unit is worth considering for precious, expensive things. Your house could be targeted by burglars if you are not at home.


Garage Storage

You can also store things in your garage. When storing things in your garage, make sure that you take time to clean them out and make sure that it’s fit to store things in. Some garages suffer from dampness. If your garage is damp and humid, then your things could get damaged. Damp and humid rooms tend to have mould in them. Mould can infect your boxes and belongings and grow on them. Getting rid of mould can be a nightmare. Ensure that there’s nothing that poses a threat to your things in your garage either, like improperly stored ladders, or heavy boxes piled to the ceiling that could fall.

Plastic Sheets

Finally, make sure to put plastic sheets down to protect the flooring in your house. It’s not exactly uncommon for construction workers to stomp around people’s houses with their boots on. If you have carpets or hardwood floors, then plastic sheets will help to prevent your home’s floors from becoming damaged. Plastic sheets are widely available and very affordable. Make sure that you pin them to the floor so that they are secured. The better secured they are, the less likely they will be to tear or pull away.

When renovation work is being undertaken at home, you need to take steps to protect your things. One of the most effective ways of protecting your things is to hire a storage unit. Be sure to box and label items before putting them into storage, though.

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