Being a homeowner allows you to change your domicile’s look and feel if there’s anything about it you don’t like. You’re limited by the amount of money you have, but other than that, there’s very little you can’t do to alter your home’s interior or exterior. 

You can make changes to your home for aesthetic reasons or practical ones. Some of the things you do might help with curb appeal or the house’s resale value, while others are purely for comfort.

In this article, we’ll talk about improving your bathroom. When homebuyers look at properties, the bathrooms and the kitchen are two areas that often get a lot of their attention. You need to think about how your bathrooms look and function and make changes to them accordingly.

Install a New Shower Door

Let’s run through a scenario. You live in Dallas, and you’ve become dissatisfied with the sliding shower door in your master bathroom. It is not perfectly matched to the track on which it sits.  

In this situation, you’ll probably get leaks around the door’s base every time you run the shower. The water will pool on the tile floor outside the enclosure.

Nobody likes dealing with that. If you Google “frameless shower doors in Dallas, TX,” you should get a list of companies that can come take a look at your problem. The technicians can do some measurements in your shower, and then you can order a customized shower door to fix your leak.

Replacing a leaky shower door is an easy way to improve a bathroom. If you don’t fix it, then you’ll have to disclose the leak to any potential buyers when you’re trying to sell the house. Dealing with it will always be the better option.

Add Some New Tile Backsplash

Many sinks and some baths and showers have tile backsplash. Some of it might be set up to give a splash of color to your bathroom.

You might not like the backsplash in your bathroom the way it is presently arranged, though. You may not care for the color or style.

Installing new backsplash is an option if you want to change or modernize a bathroom in your home. One of the things that’s so great about backsplash is that there are so many different varieties. There are thousands of different colors, and the chances are good that you can select one which seems ideal to you.

You can attempt to install it yourself if you like doing DIY projects, or you can hire a contractor to do it. Either way, different backsplash or the addition of some can change a bathroom’s entire appearance and feel.

Try a New Theme

Many homeowners don’t look at bathrooms as rooms in a house that can have a theme, but they can. Just like a den, living room, or kitchen, you can put certain objects in a room or decorate it in a way that conveys a distinct feeling.

With bathrooms, you may want to go with a nautical motif. You can get a shower curtain that depicts a storm at sea or a sea monster. You can get washcloth holders that are shaped like anchors. You can find toothbrush holders that are shaped like dolphins or whales.

If that doesn’t appeal to you, you might go with a pastoral theme. You can get some decorative soaps shaped like flowers. You can get some paintings of blooming flowers or rolling hills and hang them on the wall.

There probably aren’t quite as many themes that are appropriate for a bathroom as you would consider for other rooms in the house, but you can always decorate it to your taste. Just remember that if you decorate your bathroom in a very unconventional way, you may have to undo those changes when the time comes to sell the house.   

Turn a Half Bathroom into a Full

You might live in a home with one full bathroom and a half bathroom. A full bathroom comes with a toilet and also either a bathtub or shower. A half bath has a toilet and no place to shower or bathe.

Many individuals and families looking for a new house will want two full bathrooms instead of a full and a half. They might feel that way if they have children, and they don’t want the whole family bathing or showering in the same room.

You can turn the half bath into a full by hiring contractors and plumbers to make some modifications to what’s already there. Doubtless, you will like having a second bathroom where your family members can bathe or shower.

The one thing to keep in mind with this option is that it’s a renovation which will be more costly than some of the others we mentioned. Turning a half bath into a full can cost tens of thousands of dollars in some instances.

Add a Skylight

Adding a skylight to your bathroom is another expensive renovation, but it’s an upgrade you might feel is worth it. A skylight can let in a flood of natural light, changing how a bathroom feels. Some individuals prefer washing up or performing their morning routine in a room that’s awash in natural light.

This upgrade can be pricey, but it’s also only possible with certain bathrooms. You can’t install a skylight if your bathroom is in the basement or somewhere else in the residence where you don’t have access to the sky. You won’t be able to add a skylight to a bathroom on the first floor of a two-story house.

If you have a bathroom on the second floor of a two-story house, that would be an ideal candidate. This upgrade is definitely one that you can enjoy for as long as you live in the home, and it should add some resale value too.

Think about these potential bathroom upgrades, then pick the ones that you feel make the most sense for your situation.

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