Whether you’re making the move in search of some peace and quiet or cheaper property prices, the swap from urban to rural living can be a shock to the system. The ways of living in the city and country are like night and day and there’s plenty that you need to know before you commit. 

We’ve made a list of what to expect when moving from the city to the country so that you can focus on enjoying your new home!

Better prices 

Properties in the country are typically less costly than those in the city and you’ll be shocked by how much you’ll get for your money. Trade in your cramped and expensive city apartment for a few acres out in the country and feel satisfied with how far your hard-earned cash is stretching!

Lower property prices also give you the freedom to grow your savings and improve your credit score. Rural living provides more opportunities for saving and cutbacks than its urban counterpart so you can enjoy larger accommodation and better finances.

Green spaces

When living within the city limits, green spaces are hard to come by – and even if you’re lucky enough to have one nearby, it’s likely to be dominated by the concrete jungle surrounding it. This couldn’t be more different in the country, where it might be a while before you come across even your neighbor’s home.

Though initially seeming unimportant, these green spaces have two main benefits: cleaner air and better health. Studies show that green spaces can improve our physical and mental wellbeing, reducing disorders such as depression and anxiety.

Get some wheels

If you’ve been living in a city like New York or Atlanta, you might well be used to getting around on foot or by subway. This isn’t so much of an option when living in the country, especially when you could be a good walk away from even the nearest house to you.

Having a reliable car that can cope with all-seasonal is one of the essentials for rural living. Snowdrifts and heavy rain are common in some states and, without the proper transportation, you’re at risk of being stranded.

A slower pace

Living in the country has often been described as less stressful than city life and it’s easy to see why. There is none of the crowds of people, traffic jams, and busy streets that are staples of living in a city; it makes for a peaceful change.

Things happen when they happen in the country, which is a stark difference from the hustle and bustle of city life. This also means that stores and services are further away, and you’ll have to forgo some of the conveniences of the city.

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