Home makeovers are a beloved pastime. Research reveals how at least one in four of us is consistently redecorating our homes.

Of course, every homeowner has their reasons for wanting to decorate their home. For some, it could be injecting their personality and style into their newly purchased house. Whilst for others feel as though their home is long overdue for some TLC.

Contrary to popular belief, transforming your home does not have to break the bank. Instead, updating small home details can transform a space. If you are looking for ways to transform your home, keep reading to find out what small details can make a noticeable difference to the rooms in your house.

Changing The Window Features

Replacing the windows will help make a noticeable difference, not just to the room’s overall look, but to how much light gets let in and how much noise is kept out. Understandably, replacing the windows is not an option many can consider. It is an investment that a homeowner makes if they are planning to stay long-term in a property or for landlords looking to attract tenants.

Rather than updating the windows, consider changing the window features. By window features, we mean swapping curtains for blinds or blinds for curtains. This simple switch might not seem like it would make a difference, but it can make a noticeable change. For instance, changing from curtains to a blind could help a room feel more spacious. In a smaller space, a blind might be the preferred choice as it still offers the same privacy as a curtain and blocks out the light, but it doesn’t take up as much room as curtains would. This can help to make a smaller room feel spacious.

Replacing The Door Handles

Doors can make a difference in a space. It can help to add a level of privacy as it separates one room from the next. Doors can help to keep the heat trapped in a room, which is ideal in the colder winter months. For cupboards, doors are great for storing the items inside, out of sight and reach. Painting the doors a bright colour can make a noticeable difference to a space. If a room features bright and bold colours, a brightly painted door will seamlessly blend in with the space, further emphasising the aesthetic.

Aside from the overall appearance of the door, the smallest change to the handle could make a difference. Finding a new set of interior door handles, whether they be brass door handles or leather straps for door handles, replacing them can help to make a difference. Spend some time looking at the beautiful door furniture by Corston to see what is possible. You will likely discover some door handles that will help elevate your home’s aesthetic.

Rearranging The Furniture

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice. Many will follow the rules of feng shui to redecorate their home by rearranging the placement of the furniture. The practice of feng shui is to ensure that your living spaces have a balance with the natural world. The placement of furniture is believed to represent different parts of your life. As such, many will change the room’s layout and furniture placement to follow the rules of feng shui.

Whilst it can impact the room’s overall flow, changing the furniture’s layout can transform a space. Changing the placement of the bed could help to free up space on the floor or create additional room for other items of furniture, such as a wardrobe. Moving a desk could make a space feel less cluttered. All of this is possible by changing the placement of furniture.

Lighter Colours On The Walls

Along with changing the placement of furniture, consider the colour of the walls. Choosing to wallpaper one of the walls in a room can make an appealing feature wall. Visitors to your home will immediately notice the new addition to your home, as the bold prints, can capture the attention of those that enter the space. However, if you would prefer a colour, think about the brightness of the colour. Are you going for a darker shade, such as forest green or navy blue? Or will you opt for shades far lighter, painting your walls in an off-white colour?

Darker colours are great for creating a calm, relaxing space that feels cosy. In bedrooms and living rooms, darker, warmer shades are the preferred choice for many. However, if you want a space to feel bigger, choosing a lighter colour for the walls is the best route to take. The light from the window can reflect on the walls to help create the illusion that a space is bigger than it is. A lighter colour on the wall might be the preferred choice if you have a small spare room, bathroom or even office space.

Choose What Changes To Make

Now that you know what small changes to your home you could implement that make a noticeable difference, the decision is to choose which updates to make. Consider some of these tips to help you in your home renovation project. It could help to transform your space with just small amendments.

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