Essential tips to have a well-done storing holiday decoration2

Since New Year rolls around and it will need time to take everything back down, a storage solution is a must to do at Christmas.

Essential tips to have a well-done storing holiday decoration1

Protect Your Holiday Dishware

Breakable holiday items should be stored separately. It is a better idea to tuck them out of the way than clutter up your kitchen all year round. Here you may use quilted boxes to store holiday plates alongside soup and salad bowls. Then, you may use boxes with dividers for mugs and glasses. Meanwhile, large serving platters should be carefully wrapped and placed on a shelf of a bin to stay dust free and prevent damage. Next, for cookie cutters, candles, napkins, and cookbooks, you may keep them together in a storage tote with a label for a quickly find step.

Sort String Lights

Strings of Christmas lights will quickly become a cluttered mess without a proper and suitable storage solution. Therefore, go with a plastic wind-up wheel or holder moreover for extra-long sets of lights. So, one requires q rectangular piece of cardboard and the other one a thick hanger. Then, start at the end of the strand, and begin wrapping the light around either the hanger or cardboard until it’s fully coiled. The cardboard will fit upright in a storage bin. Besides, the hanger will sit on a rod in the closet

Gather Garlands

Garlands are just like lights. It can get tangled easily if not properly stored after use. A simple solution for this idea is to corral garland in a wreath organizer or garland keeper with a hook. This is an intelligent idea for bulky garlands like artificial pine. Besides, you may also loop a garland around itself by using a piece of hook-and-loop tape to hold it together and store it in a tote. Last, do not forget to store ornaments that were previously spread out in the garland.

Take Care The Artificial Tree

You may invest in a zippered cover to take care of your artificial tree. You can start by folding the branches and placing the tree in the bag. Keep it upright in a storage closet to maintain its good condition. For a DIY solution, you can stick an extra-large trash bag over the tree and tie it at the bottom or use a roll of plastic to shrink-wrap it. Last, you may carefully cut it open the following year or use a roll of plastic to shrink-wrap it. Last, you may carefully cut it open the following year.

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