Incredible bedroom wall panel ideas as you investment design2

Bedroom wall panel ideas are one of the quickest ways to add interest and charm. There are many choices you can apply to beautify your bedroom.

Incredible bedroom wall panel ideas as you investment design1

Earthy Look With Slats

Earthy look with slats Incredible Bedroom Wall Panel Ideas As You Investment Design


A Wooden strip decorative panel in a dark natural wood shade will add a dramatic dose and enrich your space with tactility. You may try to consider fabric wall panels that look as good as wood and that allow you to mix patterns into the room. Here, the wall panel is built from stained white oak and applied in individual strips to the wall that brings texture, warmth, and dimension. You can even opt forĀ MDF wall panelling kit.

Thin Strips For a Sleek Look

Thin strips for sleek look Incredible Bedroom Wall Panel Ideas As You Investment Design


Thins strips of wood that look like molding will make walls appear taller, textural, or highlighted. It will make your bedroom look subtle, elegant, and eye-catching. Moreover, a panel will serve the practical purpose of softening acoustics and protecting your walls. Then, keep it a simple and symmetrical panel with a modern and bold color to let the personality shine through. Do not shy away from color because brighter tones can be as restful as neutrals.

Textured Wall Panel For a Cozy Feeling

A textured wall panel is lovely and modern yet cozy. On the other hand, panels made in rattan are great to add a more tactile and earthy feel. This panel sits on oak flooring for a comfortable and restful environment.

Full Height Bedroom Paneling

A full-height panel will create an accent wall without overwhelming other elements. It will not only add warmth to a room but it will add depth and height to the visual layout. Besides, this style of beaded board showcases thin strips of wood with a small ridge in between is captivating. Then, the vertical panels make a traditional vibe that can be countered with modern furnishings and furniture. Last, the full-height panel will add drama and interest to your space with a larger room.

Wallpaper For Panel

Nowadays, we see a growing trend of adding wallpaper to wood paneling. It also becomes an inexpensive way to breathe new life into an existing feature. You may choose a wallpaper that acts as a piece of art to add character to a room and create a new trend.

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