Amazeballs ways to decor living room with no entryway2

A home with no entryway means a front door will open directly into a room of your house like the living room. Some people called this design situation a non-ideal design. Check the ideas below to present amazeballs living room design ideas with no entryway.

A Half Wall For Entryway

A pony wall or a half wall is a smart idea to create a small entryway. The pony wall will create separation between your living room and the entry. Besides, it also allows you the feeling of an open floor plan. Obviously, with a small entryway at the side of a living room, you may want to remove a portion of your wall to create a pony wall. It will give your space this open-plan style feel, with the practicality of retaining a hallway.

Room Divider

A room divider or partition can be an effective way to offer your living room a sense of separation from the front door. Thus the living room not only offers display storage that looks wonderful from both sides. Here, the central revel acts like an internal hatch through the entryway and preserves lines of sight for each room.

Creating A Great Flow

Create a great flow to impress everyone when your front door opens up onto a living room with no entryway. You can create a welcoming and clear flow throughout the space of the room. Make sure the flow offers good circulation to the living space and provides a route through to adjoining rooms. You can create a natural pathway between the sofa and the dining table with. After that, you can try to avoid placing the back of large furniture like a sectional or sofa in front of the door. Thus, a side table and sofa table create an obvious welcoming pathway.

Clever Design Trick

For a small space, a patterned floor tile or a runner, toss cushions or foliage will ground you as you arrive. Then, it will make your space intentionally designed and more curated. Besides, you may also consider to zone with color. You can paint an area around the front door or create an area to feel like a part of a separate function from the main living room.

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