How to provide a good ventilation in your home2

When it comes to the home design, there are many aspects should be considered. The most important thing is about the home ventilation. One of the things that you’ll need to do to keep your home comfortable is to provide good ventilation. It is very important aspect because it relates to have a healthy home design and create a comfortable space. In order to add ventilation to your home, there are several types of ventilation systems that you can use. First, including natural ventilation. Natural ventilation is a simple and effective way to improve the indoor air quality of your home. It removes contaminants like dust, moisture, and smoke, while boosting your overall comfort. Using natural ventilation can also reduce energy costs. In this case, you can use wide window, large door, or rooster walls.

If you are looking to improve your indoor air quality and reduce your energy bill, an Energy-recovery ventilation system may be a good choice for you. This type of system is installed in your home and is designed to provide fresh, clean air without opening your windows. Energy recovery ventilation systems also protect your health by improving airflow. These units remove excess humidity, which can lead to condensation and mold. They can reduce energy costs by up to 80 percent. Moreover, you can use a ceiling fan and exhaust fan to create a ventilation in your home. For other ideas, take a look at these ideas below.

How to provide a good ventilation in your home1

Roaster Ventialtion Staircase Area


On one of the walls of this stair area, you can use perfect ventilation in the form of a grill. The selection of this roaster is able to circulate fresh air into your home so that it will make your home cooler and of course more stylish. Besides that, this roaster will also make your room more artistic and can be the center of attention of many people.  Roaster Ventialtion Staircase Area from @studio.danst

Roster Ventilation


You can change the outer wall of this house by adding a rooster which will accent the perfect ventilation. Using this type of ventilation will make your home fresher and cleaner. Painting it orange against white walls will complete the look of your home. In addition to the aesthetic appearance of your home, it also has good air circulation. Roster Ventilation from @rumahpool

Large Glass Door


The perfect choice for applying ventilation in this house is using a large glass door on one of the walls of the living room. This is a simple idea that you can try because it will provide good air circulation and make your home less stuffy. Complete with skylights, this will also provide good air to your home decoration.  Large Glass Door from @hollinshomesltd

Ceiling Fan


Different from the others, choosing the ventilation of this ceiling fan is the best idea for you to try. Using this type of ventilation will work well to change the air circulation in your home. Besides that, the addition of large windows will also provide good air circulation in this room and also allow natural light to enter your home..  Ceiling Fan from @zebbieslighting

Natural Ventilation


The staircase area is also equipped with natural ventilation which will provide good air circulation in your home. Having a lot of wind gaps will also make it easier for the wind to enter and leave the house easily so that it will provide good air circulation throughout your home.  Natural Ventilation from @mcgowanhome

Framed Glass Sliding Door


In this modern style dining room has good home ventilation for you to try. using a glass sliding door frame that can be opened wide will make it easier for air to alternately enter the house so that you will create a fresh and cool home. It’s easy enough to open it just by pushing it aside this door is already open, easy enough isn’t it? Framed Glass Sliding Door from @aamodtplumb

Shutter Windows and Door


This type of shutter ventilation will allow more air to enter the house because it has lots of ventilation, which will also make your home fresher. You can apply it on the window and a little on your entrance to make a beautiful and stylish home decoration. Shutter Windows and Door from @jasnoshutters

Shutter Windows


This type is very commonly used, because these ventilation windows will work best throughout your home. Applying this to the reading area in addition to providing good air circulation will also make you feel at home here because fresh air enters. Having a small size will also allow a lot of air to enter and exit perfectly. Shutter Windows from @theshuttershed

Awaning Windows Home Office


Window awnings are not only suitable for maximizing air circulation, but also a unique decoration. This type of window will be easy for you to use because you only need to pull it up and you will have a window with good air circulation. Applying it to the home office area will also look stylish and match the modern home style. Awaning Windows Home Office from @alwindowsdoors

Skylight Ventilation


Skylights or so-called windows that are on the roof of the house. This type of ventilation is usually placed in houses with sloping roofs or low roofs. With this style of ventilation, the roof looks more artistic and gives the illusion of a spacious and airy room. This type of air vent usually uses aluminum combined with tempered glass. Skylight Ventilation from @veluxcanada

Nako Glass Window


In the Nako glass ventilation there are many gaps that will make it easier for air to enter and exit the room. The use of this type of ventilation does look interesting because the different design will also make it easier for you to open and close this type of window. The use of ventilation is very effective because it can remove contaminated air. Nako Glass Window from @btmconstructions

Door Frame Ventilation


Minimalist air ventilation by using this door frame will provide a lot of air entering and leaving a lot because it has an open appearance. Apart from that, it added Nako glass type ventilation with slots that can be opened and closed flexibly. This type of ventilation gives a simple artistic impression and is good for decorating your home. Door Frame Ventilation from @frontporchproperties

Exhaust Fan and Windows


Ventilation uses an exhaust fan and this window has good air circulation for you to apply to your home decor. This type of ventilation will be suitable for you to apply to your minimalist kitchen decoration. The exhaust fan will also regulate air circulation properly and will filter the air perfectly. Installing a window above the kitchen table will also make the decoration beautiful and allow natural light to enter your home. Exhaust Fan and Windows from @velfacwindows

Awning Ceilling Windows


You can also use window awnings placed against your high walls for good air circulation. Applying this to a high wall will allow air to circulate in and out easily, thus creating an attractive home design for you to try. This vent has a wooden frame that will make your home decor even more stylish. Awning Ceilling Windows from @paarhammer_windows

Nako Glass Bathroom Windows


Nako glass ventilation is a type of ventilation that is installed on a horizontal window. This type has many advantages that deserve to be the ventilation of choice. Nako glass has an adjustable slit model so that the light intensity can be obtained as desired. This ventilation is also able to filter dirty air properly. With easy open and close controls, Nako glass ventilation is also very easy to use according to needs in space. Nako Glass Bathroom Windows from @breezwaywindows_sga

Tilt and Turn Window


Having tilt and turn windows for ventilation of the house looks perfect because it has easy adjustments to allow air circulation into the house. The appearance is simple but capable of changing dirty air and filtering it into fresh air. This model is also very natural and decorative so it can make the room look more eye-catching. Tilt and Turn Window from @binq_windows

Large Glass Windows and Door


This large ventilation will make it easier for air to enter and exit easily, making it an attractive room design for you to try. This type of ventilation will also create a different design and let sunlight into the house so that it becomes a charming decoration. This style also makes your home look wider and wider. Large Ventilation from @safetylinejalousie

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