A breathtaking view with cost-cutting home design own by kartik desai and zane philstrom2

Look how Kartik Desai and Zane Philstrom design the worn-out house into a beautiful and gorgeous house that has a very fantastic view of Long Island Sound. They are motivated and inspired by the view, plain, and the simplicity of the surroundings and make what looks impossible become possible. Not only that they also have their own cost-cutting solutions that all of you….. sorry I mean all of us need.

A breathtaking view with cost-cutting home design own by kartik desai and zane philstrom1

1. Living Room

A Breathtaking View With Cost-Cutting Home Design Own By Kartik Desai And Zane Philstrom


We love how they put a massive fireplace in the Living room, it adds another warm feeling to the room. This will make a gathering with your family become comfier. Also, a 12-foot hearth can be used either for putting decoration or as a bench.

2. Dining Room

The dining room is actually one communal space with a living room and the kitchen, so it is within the calculation to make it feel welcoming and cozy. We also loved how they arrange the Dining room facing the pool area, the water view makes it prettier while you enjoy the food with family.

3. Kitchen

If you love cooking but still want to be part of the action by the pool or fireplace, then you can look into this design. The design is open to all rooms, so while you’re cooking in the kitchen you can still enjoy the chit-chat around the room.

4. Bedroom

The room is pretty and very peaceful, it suitable to rest after all the action of the day. We also love how the scheme and color match with beach landscape. It makes the room become part of nature.

5. Bathroom

Since the bathroom is a continuity of the main living areas, the design and materials are similar to the rest of the room. This is perfect because the materials used are very durable and affordable. Moreover, the bathroom has a breathtaking view of Long Island.

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