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Do you have a plan to sell your house? There are several reasons why people sell their old homes. But the most important thing is not the reason why they are selling their house. However, what should you do before selling your house. This relates to several aspects that you have to prepare. While you are preparing your home for sale, there are several things to do before selling your home that will help improve your home’s curb appeal and increase the selling price of your home. Some of the things that will be discussed in this article will help you in the negotiation process with the buyer.

First, you have to make sure that your exterior design is attractive and attractive. You can pay attention to your front door. Repaint your front door to make it look attractive and accessible to buyers. You can also make sure your hinges and door handles are in good condition. Apart from that, you can clean your terrace and tidy it up by placing some potted plants to make it look fresh. Another way, landscaping is one way to add value to your property. Keeping your lawn and flower beds in tip-top shape is very important. Having a well-maintained landscape can increase your home’s value by up to 10 percent. The more professional your landscaping looks, the more likely your home will be sold quickly. Next, you can repaint your walls. Then, decluttering your home is a vital step if you’re thinking about selling it. A clean, clutter-free house sends the right message to potential buyers. It can also help you sell your home faster. Fixing your electricity and water installations is also important. Furthermore, here are several things to consider.

Pay Attention to the Exterior


Pay attention to the exterior decoration of your home, including the front garden which is dominated by green plants and flowers. For the porch wall, you can repaint it, as well as the front door of your house. Furthermore, the front garden can be tidied up and trimmed when it is too dense. Pruning this plant can be done using a cordless electric tool so it is more practical and efficient. Keep Neatness and Cleanliness from @kristahome

Repaint Your Home


One way you can do before selling your house is to repaint all parts of the walls and ceiling so that they still look attractive. It’s a good idea to use bright paint colors to make the room look wider and brighter. This painting is intended to remove mold on the wall which is usually caused by leaks. White and blue are an elegant blend of paint colors. Repaint Wall and Ceiling Decoration from @smithpartners_realestate

Check your Window Shutter Hinge


Checking the window hinges before selling home assets is one of the steps you can take. Check again so that this part of the window can be closed and reopened as needed. Not only on the shutter window, but you can also check the door too. Repainting the window shutters with a neutral white color is the perfect final idea. Check Window Shutter Hinge from @midterracedreno

Check the Window Lock Section


The next home interior that you can check is the key part of your home window, can it be used according to its function or is it broken. If it is damaged, you should first replace the key part of this window with good quality. But if you can still use it properly, you should just clean the area around it so that it is free from dust to provide maximum comfort. Check the Window Lock Section from @dandr.home

Clean the Ceiling of the House


Usually, the ceiling of the house has cobwebs and dust when it hasn’t been taken care of for a long time. Therefore, the ceiling is also a part that you can check and clean before selling the house so that your home decoration still gets a high selling price. Apart from that, for this ceiling section, you can also check whether the roof of the house is leaking or not, if it leaks, you should replace it and repaint it with the chosen color that looks elegant. Clean the Ceiling of the House from

Clean Backyard Garden Section


Don’t let your backyard look cluttered with wild plants growing everywhere. Tidy up the whole including the terrace as well when you have it. Cut the grass when it is too long which makes the eye sight not beautiful anymore. Work with your family on weekends so that your work is not too tiring. Clean Backyard Garden Section from @alanfrancis_estateagents

Packing All Important Items


Before moving and selling your house, of course, you have to pack all your electronic goods or devices safely. Now you can pack using cardboard with a larger number according to the items you are moving. Do not forget to provide solation at the top and bottom of the packing box so that the items to be carried do not fall during the housewarming trip. Packing All Important Items from @newleavesinteriors

Remove All Furniture


Empty your entire house from the furniture and accessories that you have at home. This is one of the things you must do before selling your old house. After removing all the furniture, the next activity you can do is clean the entire room by sweeping and mopping it with a clean cloth. Start with the entryway decorations. Remove All Furniture from @thehousethatjenbuilt_

Check Home Electrical Installation


Don’t forget to check your home’s water installation before selling it. Because water is an important element in daily activities at home, check all the water pipes to make sure nothing is leaking, if something leaks, immediately replace it with a new one or patch it. One thing you can’t miss is to check all the water faucets so that none don’t work because this will affect the selling price of your home. Check Electrical Installation from @interiortimessg

Water Installation


The thing that you also need to check before selling your house is to make sure that the electrical installation in your home is safe. Cover the wires in the electrical installations in your home with pipes to avoid rats or other disturbances. Also make sure the light switches work properly, if everything has been checked and got good results it can be concluded that your electrical installation is safe and can attract buyers. Water Installation from @enviro_wsu

Cleaning the Sink Section


Also keep in mind that you have an important space that will make buyers interested in buying your house. Toilets, yes, make sure all the toilets in the house that you are going to sell are clean. Especially on the sink, clean the sink from the crust that sticks to the sink with a cleaning fluid or by using other cleaning tools. With clean toilets you can convince buyers to be interested in buying your home. Cleaning the Sink Section from @melvanddesign


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