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If you are currently checking into gutter systems for your home, you’ve likely discovered that there are two primary styles of gutters, sectional gutters (often referred to as regular gutters) or seamless gutters. You may be puzzled wondering if one option is really better than the other and if so how they differ. In reality, they differ in three fundamental ways: construction, cost, and quality.

While having functioning gutters is always the most important thing, seamless gutters offer many advantageous that give them a leg up over sectional gutters. Ultimately, however, you should make a decision that is right for you after considering the benefits of seamless gutters, your budget, your preferences, and your unique situation. Continue reading to learn more about seamless gutters and how they compare to their sectional counterparts.

Seamless Gutters Vs. Sectional Gutters

The first difference between seamless gutters and sectional gutters may seem obvious since it is part of the name. Simply put, seamless gutters have no seams. This means that each gutter will be an entire unit only connected to another piece to accommodate corners.  Conversely, sectional gutters come in many pieces that have must sectioned together every few feet to create a gutter system.

Additionally, seamless gutters differ from sectional gutters in customization. Typically, sectional gutters can be purchased at any local hardware store and come available in standard sized pieces. Seamless gutters, on the other hand are crafted specifically for your unique home. As a matter of fact, seamless gutters are typically manufactured while your contractor is at your home, by using a machine made specifically for this purpose. That way your gutters fit the unique dimensions of your home perfectly.

Finally, seamless and sectional gutters vary in both price point and quality. As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. While sectional gutters are more affordable, they lack in quality, durability, and longevity. They also tend to be prone to damage due to frequent winter freezing/thawing conditions and are known to leak no matter how well the contractor tries to fit them together. Conversely, seamless gutters come at a higher price point, but also with unmatched quality, durability, and longevity. Not to mention, they hold up much better to winter freezes, don’t leak, and are less prone to becoming clogged than their sectioned counterparts, often making the extra cost a worthwhile tradeoff for product quality.

Benefits Of Seamless Gutters

If you are considering seamless gutters for your home, consider the reasons below that these gutters are considered superior to sectional gutters.

1) Quality – The best seamless gutters are custom-made for your home. They are designed to work with the unique shape of your roof and are constructed with materials that won’t deteriorate over time. In addition, seamless gutters are built to last. They are typically made out of durable metals like steel and aluminum which makes them able to withstand harsh weather conditions without leaking or rusting.

2) Durability – Since seamless gutters are comprised of primarily one piece, they are less prone to leaking like is common with sectional gutters. Thus, ice build-up and damage are far less likely, allowing them to better handle extreme cold weather conditions without breaking down. When installed properly, seamless gutters are not susceptible to leaks or deterioration making them a fan favorite in regions of the country that experience harsh winters.

3) Longevity – Since seamless gutters are made from durable materials, they are able to stand up against harsh weather conditions better than any other gutter system on the market. Even if you live in an area where there is a lot of rain, snow, and wind, you can rest assured knowing that your seamless gutters will be around for decades to come. For example, seamless gutters generally last well over 20 years, even with scant maintenance, whereas sectional gutters will last a maximum of 20 years providing they have been well maintained and are frequently resealed. In cases, where they have not been impeccably maintained, their life span decreases significantly making it apparent why consumers prefer seamless gutters.

4) Maintenance – Seamless gutter systems require very little maintenance. Since these gutters don’t have interruptions in the flow of water, due to joints/seams, debris don’t end up caught inside in the first place. Thus, your gutters are less likely to experience clogs, so you can clean your gutters less. Furthermore, if you choose to also install leaf guards on your gutters, you will enjoy a nearly maintenance free investment, subsequently saving you big on professional maintenance costs.

5) Appearance – Seamless gutter systems look great when installed correctly. They blend seamlessly with the architecture of your house, giving it a modern and sleek appearance that complements the style of your home. Moreover, seamless gutters are not prone to sagging, leaking, and overflowing, like sectional gutters are, allowing your system to look pristine and put together for years to come. There is simply no comparison to the improved aesthetics and sophisticated look that seamless gutters provide over more traditional sectional gutters.

6) Value – Seamless gutter systems are a great value because they are so durable and are able to stand the test of time. While your initial investment may be slightly higher than sectional gutters, their longer lifespan, limited maintenance, and durability more than pay for themselves in the long run. Seamless gutters can withstand harsh weather year after year and yet still maintain their integrity for the long haul. 

Seamless Gutters Are Worth It!

Every home needs a good gutter system, although not all gutters’ systems are equal. When you choose seamless gutters, you will enjoy a quality product that helps divert water safely away from your home, so you avoid damage and expensive repairs. Moreover, if you’re looking for a new way to improve the exterior of your home, installing seamless gutters is a great way to add style, equity, and a plethora of other practical benefits to your home. Since seamless gutters come available in many different styles and colors, so you’ll be sure to find something that matches your home’s design perfectly!

So, are seamless gutters better? It seems the that this question can be safely answered with a resounding, yes! With so much to love, could seamless gutters be right for you!?

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