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During winter season, you have to pay attention to your outdoor space. To face the harsh weather, consider paying attention to and caring for your outdoor space, especially your deck. It is beacuse the deck is a place that is directly exposed to cold weather and even snow. And if you have a deck it’s very important for you to protect and mantain it. You have to protect your deck from damage. It’s not only outdoor furniture that you have to protect but also your decks. Decks that are exposed to continuous cold weather and snow will suffer damage. Though you hope, your deck will last and last for years to come. Therefore, there are several ways to protect your decks for the winter.

If you’re looking for ways to protect your deck during winter, you’ve come to the right place. First, you have to clean your deck from snow. You can use a tool to clear the snow on your deck. After that you can spray it to really make sure it’s clean from adhering snow. Power-washing your deck is an easy and quick way to keep your deck looking good. However, you need to be careful when you use a power washer. It can cause damage to your wood. Using a high-pressure water gun can lead to splinters and damage the surface of your deck. After cleaning it, make sure your deck is in good condition and there is no peeling paint. Next, you can paint, stain, and seal your deck to protect it from mold and mildew. These tips are good to keep your wood looking great. For another way, decks can become damaged by snow, wind, and rain. It’s also a good idea to cover your deck with a tarp during the colder months. This will prevent it from becoming damaged by extreme weather conditions. And finally, don’t forget to clean regularly your deck during winter season. Here are some ideas to copy.

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Clean It Up


The first thing you should do to prepare your deck for winter is clear it of snow. The idea is to keep the deck clean and strong. This is a very important task that you should not miss. Using a shovel to clear this snow will make it easier for you. It can also be an important activity, if left untreated it can stain or, even worse, start to rot the wood. Clean The Snow from @deckcitywpg

Good Washing


Then spray water on the deck to wash away the remaining salty snow which you also need to do. Slowly but surely so that no snow is left on this wooden deck. Doing this job is easy enough that it doesn’t take much time. After being sprayed with water, you can wait for it to dry before continuing to work on the next protection deck. Spray Using Water from @pmhprojectmyhouse

Dry the Deck


After cleaning and spraying with water, you can wait for the deck to dry while you enjoy your coffee. Wait a few minutes for your deck to dry completely in direct sunlight. Doesn’t it look easy to clean up the back deck of this house for the coming winter.  Dry the Deck from @mixsolution

Replace Porous Decks


Another way to protect your deck this winter is to make sure to check the wood planks. If snow accumulates, moisture can enter the frozen wooden planks, causing them to expand and crack. Trying to open the deck and see that there are damaged boards, you can immediately replace them. Using a special tool will make it easier for you to do this job. Replace Porous Decks from @sustainbuilders

Replace Your Wood Deck


Furthermore, when you check for damaged wooden deck boards, you can replace them with new ones right away. Here you can ask for help from a handyman or your family because it is quite complicated and will take a lot of time. Using a plank of wood, a hammer, and nails will make it easier to replace worn deck boards. Try! Replace Your Wood Deck from @david_carota_llc

Check for Peeling Paint


Checking for peeling paint is the next project you can try right now. This check won’t take much time so you can do it yourself. Apart from seeing the peeling paint, you can also check for mold growing on the wooden planks of this deck. therefore the next step you have to do is coat the wood deck using paint and varnish. Take a look at some of the pictures below for reference of this year’s winter shelter deck. Peeling Paint from @picklesthehalfboxer

Remove Any Mold or Mildew


As you clean the deck, watch for mold or mildew buildup. Don’t worry if you find one as this is very prevalent on decks because of all the moisture exposed to the wood. Re-painting to get rid of this fungus will also inhibit rotting of the wood planks, so you need to do that now. The use of this wood paint will also give it a new look so it looks like a new deck. Remove Mold or Mildew from @brokenoakrestoration

Coated with Varnish


Don’t forget this step one because it can make your deck last longer this winter. Therefore you must protect your wooden deck. Here you can coat your wood deck with varnish to make it termite resistant and easier to clean. Apart from that, this one deck protector idea also manages to make your deck look prettier. Coated with Varnish from @armstrongclarkco

Tarp Cover Deck


Protect your backyard deck so it stays durable and long lasting. Choosing a deck cover from this tarpaulin is the right choice. Using a tarpaulin will last longer and be able to cover all the decks in this backyard so your deck will be protected from snow and water. This deck protection idea is very easy to do to protect decks from being porous and brittle. Tarp Cover Deck from @gannonforpresident

Clean Every Time


The final step is daily cleaning of snow to keep your deck strong and firm. This can be a routine activity that you can do because you have to clean it every evening or night. Using a tool like a shovel will also make it easier for you to do this and keep your deck clean. Clear Every Time from @blackrockhomesutah

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