Most people are looking for a fresh start when they move house. By looking further afield to places like Singapore, that feeling can certainly be experienced. 

Singapore enriches the lives of all, but expatriates are looked after particularly well. If you’re heading over from an English-speaking country, you’ll soon find yourself settling in and calling the territory at home. There’s a perfect blend of the old with the new here. 

Whether you want a steadier living situation or better prospects for yourself and the loved ones accompanying you, Singapore has plenty to offer. There’s quality infrastructure and a wonderful culture, helping you enjoy a new lease on life the moment you and any family members arrive. 

Let’s explore these matters in more detail. Here are the best reasons to move to Singapore. 

Home Loan Accessibility

Securing a home loan can be a dreary process. Many prospective homeowners can feel like they’re going around in circles with it all. 

Entities like PropertyGuru can help you compare home loans swiftly. They tailor their services to your circumstances and ensure you don’t over-worry about the situation. Realistic expectations are set early on, and their friendly team can provide as much well-informed advice as you deem fit. Their mortgage comparison tool can also be used at your leisure, giving you access to a wide range of home loan options while you take your risk tolerance and monthly instalment budget into account.  

Property markets have been known to be somewhat greedy and disorientating elsewhere in the world. However, the idea of securing a home in Singapore in a stress-free manner is far more realistic. There’s plenty of support on offer, and all heartfelt counsel will make a huge difference to how you view the process. 

You’ll Love the Culture 

Singapore isn’t a boring place. There’s plenty to see and do here, and you’ll surely enjoy it all. 

Remember, Singapore is a smaller area, too, so all these fulfilling offerings are highly concentrated. There are wonderful botanic gardens to explore, thrilling nightlife venues, and restaurants that pay equal love to dishes from home and abroad. Planeloads of people also arrive to experience the street food and more.

English is also a commonly spoken language in the territory as well. There’s ‘Singlish’, a colloquial amalgamation of the two languages, but you’ll also get on well with your standard. Communication barriers can be a big challenge for expatriates elsewhere, but you won’t experience them here, so you’ll make friends and career progress faster. 

Academic Excellence

Singapore has firmly established its morals and values. Much of that shines through in its education system. 

Places are often judged by their academic offerings. After all, learning institutions prepare a region’s future, ensuring the next generation can enjoy fulfilling employment and realise their career ambitions. Earnings go up, crime rates go down, and everyone is generally much happier for their learning experiences. Singaporeans understand these goals unequivocally. 

Furthermore, there’s also a strong emphasis on things like rehabilitation through education, too. While those who break the law are deservedly punished, there’s also a willingness to help people fix their lives and embark upon a brighter path. It’s to be commended, as these types of efforts bring crime rates down, and establish Singapore as a place of second chances. 

Nobody is left behind in Singapore. Systems are in place to ensure that as many people as possible achieve academic excellence. Whether you’re raising kids or want another go at education for any reason, you’ll find plentiful opportunities in Singapore. 

Healthcare for All

Of course, few things are more important than healthcare. While institutions like the NHS have been important to places like England, even that has begun to falter due to low funding and staff strikes. 

Singapore isn’t beset with the same concerns. Its healthcare frequently ranks as one of the best in the world today. It’s known to be admired by the international community. The population’s health and well-being are always a priority; you can be confident that you and your loved ones will be in good hands here. 

It’s important to note that expatriates’ access to healthcare differs slightly due to their status. For example, you may not be eligible for the affordable prices that locals enjoy access to. Securing permanent residency status will help to cover costs, as will a tailored expat health insurance plan. These arrangements still protect your best interests. 

Even if you’re fortunate enough to be in good health for long periods, it’s a comfort to know that these services are available in one form or another. Whether you start to age or have loved ones requiring good care, you can be confident you’ll find the help you need in Singapore. 


Expatriates aren’t ‘extras’ in Singapore, but valuable members of society that are warmly welcomed. Home loans are available, the culture is English-speaking friendly, academia celebrates second chances, and healthcare is retooled to look after everybody. Ultimately, it’s easy to see how you might quickly come to call Singapore home. 

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