Next to the living room, the kitchen is the most popular, frequented space in any home. As such, it deserves to be cozy and appealing and should feature your personal touches.

Painting the walls with the right color can define and enhance the look and vibe of your kitchen significantly.

And since you’re choosing the paint color, providers of painting services say you’ll be adding your personal touch effortlessly.

Selecting a Color That Works for Your Kitchen

Choosing the right color for your kitchen walls is crucial to give it an attractive, welcoming look and ambiance.

This can sometimes be challenging since you have to ensure the shade you select works with your kitchen cabinets, furniture and other fixtures.

However, you can skip the costly, time-consuming guesswork and trial and error processes when you want to paint your kitchen walls by following these tips shared by professional painters:

1. Decide on a color scheme.

To have a cozy, homey kitchen that looks put together, pick a color scheme for this room.

Look around your kitchen and try to see it from a bird’s eye view. Pay attention to the cabinets, furniture, appliances, hardware and other fixtures in the room. 

Also, think about the ambiance you wish this space to convey. If you want your family and guests to feel happy and energized in this room, yellow is a great option.

However, if you want your kitchen to evoke feelings of freshness and harmony, consider shades of green for your walls.  

Once you have taken stock of everything inside the kitchen and decided on its ambiance, create a mood board of inspirational colors, themes and pictures. Doing this can help you explore shades and combinations you may not have considered.

2. Take inspiration from your kitchen features.

When you’re stumped for a color palette, take inspiration from the cabinets, island, dining set, and other features in your kitchen.

If your kitchen cabinets and island are made of natural wood, consider choosing a shade of green for your walls to complement them and add a touch of formality to the room.

If your cabinets need some repairs or touch-ups, have them fixed by a handyman in Dubai first, then think about having them repainted in their original color or a different one so they match or enhance your new kitchen color scheme.

Another option you can consider is making your favorite focal points in your kitchen, such as your island, custom stove or backsplash, stand out with your choice of wall paint. You can do this by opting for white or a neutral color for your walls.

If you want to make your walls the focal point, go for bold or darker hues, including navy blue, forest green, or charcoal gray, to ensure they capture attention.

Another option is to vary the same shade as your cabinets or favorite kitchen feature. Picking a color that’s lighter or darker than the fixture ensures you have a cohesive room.

3. Take note of the amount of natural light your kitchen gets.

If your kitchen has windows, think about how the natural light may impact the paint colors.

Kitchens that get plenty of sunlight have more flexibility in terms of shades. With the amount of natural light the room receives, you can add darker shades to your palette for the walls or cabinets.

However, if your kitchen has only one or two small windows and doesn’t get a lot of sunlight, you can brighten it up by choosing red, yellow or any light and warm color.

To check the effect of both natural and artificial light on your preferred color, paint a small foam core or poster board then move it around the kitchen throughout the day and night.

If you don’t like how the color looks during a specific time, choose another one and do the same process again.

4. Consider the kitchen size and adjacent rooms.

If you have a small kitchen, you would do well to go for light paint colors to make it look bigger and brighter.

On the other hand, if you have a large kitchen, you can widen your options to include darker colors, such as blue, burgundy and gray, especially if the room gets plenty of natural light.

But before you make a decision based on kitchen size, consider its layout as well. If it has an open floor plan and flows directly to the living room or other spaces, ensure the paint color complements the palette of these spaces or shares similar undertones.

By doing so, you can have a cohesive and coordinated home or, at the very least, ensure a smooth flow of color from one room to another.

5. When in doubt, go with white.

Lastly, if you’re having a hard time choosing a color for your kitchen walls, you’ll never go wrong with going for white.

White is a timeless, versatile color that works great in any room, including the kitchen. Moreover, it can make a room feel spacious and fresh effortlessly.

Don’t think that if you choose white, you only have one hue to pick from. In fact, it is best to select an off-white shade since pure white may look too austere for your kitchen.

If your kitchen gets lots of sunlight, white with a light tone of blue or green will look great on your walls.

Conversely, white with a touch of yellow or orange can make the kitchen look brighter and comfier if this part of your house doesn’t get plenty of natural light.

With these tips, you can pick the perfect paint color for your kitchen walls in less time. 

You can then concentrate on working with professional painters to spruce up this essential part of your home.

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