Ironing clothes is not as easy as it appears to be. You need to be knowledgeable about handling different types of fabrics as well as setting the right iron temperature. For those with experience, they’ll know how to work the complicated areas like collars and seams, but for the newbies, it’s going to be a challenge. 

This is why more people are opting to hire ironing service providers. They may need to spend a few bucks, but in exchange, they get quality services, especially if they find the most professional ones. If you’re thinking of hiring one yourself, do not settle for amateurs. Here are seven good reasons why:

1. High quality vs. low quality. 

Professional ironing service providers like Whites Laundry ensure that they always deliver high-quality services because they thrive on what their customers say about them. They get referrals from several customers because they ensure that the service they provide is always the best, and their reviews prove that for them. 

An amateur one won’t always have reviews to back them up, which means you can only rely on what they tell you. The proof only shows after delivering their service, and if you compare the professional versus the amateur one, you will notice the difference in the quality of their output. 

2. Less knowledge.

Being knowledgeable about fabrics and different types of clothing is an important factor in ensuring perfect ironing. A professional would know the right technique for handling sensitive fabrics such as acetate, beaded and nylon ones. They will know the right temperature to use, or whether to use steam or not. 

Some garments have special instructions for ironing, and some amateurs ignore these. They don’t select the right setting, which in turn damages the clothes. They may also iron the wrong side or don’t protect the fabric at any cost. 

3. Limited range of services. 

A professional ironing company has a wide range of services, compared to a professional why. If you’re looking for a provider that can accommodate other requests, then going professional is the best option. Aside from ironing, you may also get dry cleaning and washing services. Choosing a one-stop shop will help you save money and time as well.

Also, amateurs don’t always work on all items. Some only specialize in clothes and don’t work on bedding items, or vice versa. This would be very inconvenient if you have more than just clothes that need ironing and might require to get the services of another company, which would be costly. 

4. Lower-end machines. 

A professional ironing service provider will have the best equipment there is. They use high-end machines to do the ironing as well as finishing. They use the most up-to-date to ensure high quality. And there won’t be just one available to do all the work, there will be several to accommodate all clients. 

Inexperienced ones usually don’t have the budget to invest in such high-end machines, and they only use what’s at hand. They make do with what is available, even if it means not providing excellence or satisfying their client’s expectations. 

5. Inadequate storage. 

Non-professional ones face storage issues, like the cabinets are not spacious enough or they’re just not too aerated. This factor is important because once the clothes are ironed, they need to be placed in a storage area where the quality will not be degraded. Some clients are not able to get their items as soon as possible, and if they’re not in an adequate place, the results will be unacceptable.  

6. Too busy.

It’s only normal for individuals or small businesses who offer ironing services to get as many clients as they can to increase their sales, but this makes them different from professional ones because their clients don’t get the personalized service they deserve. 

Since they accept as many clients as they want, their resources become limited and limited, resulting in lower-quality output. They won’t have enough people, so they try to finish tasks earlier to accommodate others. In doing so, they tend to damage some items, try to fix them, and then cause unnecessary delays. 

7. No back up. 

One thing that you will always get from a professional company is a backup service, whether it’s for follow-ups or for after-sales requests. A lot of ironing companies have branches spread out, and this is very helpful and convenient especially if you’re in an emergency and you’re in a different city but require their ironing service right away. You may find a branch of that company, and they will attend to your request right away. 

Hiring a non-professional one will not give you this advantage because they usually work alone, or they’re still a business. They won’t have the means to accommodate you if you’re in a different area, or if you require last-minute requests. Most of them have limited hours too so you can’t make additional requests even if you need them. 

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