Whether you are choosing to sell your house or simply want to make the curbside view a little better, there is a lot you can do. You can mow the lawn, plant some flowers, redo your porch, and of course update your roof. 

The roof often isn’t something that we think of whenever it comes to making the house more appealing, but if the roof is done right then it can really amp up the value of your house. Here are some of the best ways to improve the look of your roof, and by the end, you will have a fantastic roof that will cosmetically and structurally improve your home!

Give Your Roof A Full Repair

Working with a roofing company like Pinpoint Innovations is one of the first things you need to do. Depending on things like the age of your home, the number of bad weather events you have in your area, and other issues, your roof might have a few dents and dings or some major structural damage.

Getting a roofing company on site to give your roof a look over and a full repair can be extremely helpful. The materials of your roof might reach their lifespan or you might become a victim of not repairing and maintaining your roof frequently enough. A professional pair of eyes on your roof can help you improve it, which will only aid the structure and cosmetic look of the roof.

Clean Your Roof and Gutters

Improving your roof doesn’t always mean a full overhaul of it, instead, it can simply be a quick cleaning. Going up and trimming the branches around your roof, and dusting off all the leaves and debris can improve the look. Additionally, you can look for signs of moss and algae growing around the roof as well.

Moss grows in environments that are dark and damp, and while a moss covered roof can look like a house out of a fairytale, it isn’t good to have moss continually growing on your roof or between your shingles. Moss is spore born, and once the spores land on the roof they will grow into moss. The growing moss takes in rainwater and then expands, quickly covering your roof if it is not stopped.

Moss can cause major damage to your roof, lifting and forcing shingles apart and also developing bacteria and mold due to the water it holds.

Additionally, as you take the time to clean your roof, you should also do your best to clean your gutters as well. Clogged and uncleaned gutters don’t just detract from the look of your home, but also can cause structural problems.

Replace And Repair Shingles

As you are cleaning the shingles from all of the algae and moss, you might find that there are some shingles that are too warped or cracked to be of any use. Other times your shingles might fade and you will find that the once vibrant colors aren’t as bright as they used to be, making your roof look out of place.

If it has been a while since you have touched your roof and want to make sure that it looks amazing, don’t be afraid to find the right shingle shade to make your home shine! Especially if your roof can match the walls in color! 

Fix Cosmetic and Functional Damage From Storms

Whenever a massive storm occurs that is dangerous and life threatening, you might be happy enough that your house is still standing. However, if your roof (or any other part of your home for that matter) has damage from the storm, it doesn’t matter if the damage is cosmetic or is causing a functional problem with the structure of your roof, you need to have it fixed completely and immediately.

The longer that you wait to repair the damage, the worse and the more expensive it is going to get! This means that even the smallest of cosmetic problems will eventually become too large to handle, so you should make sure to get all the damage fixed as soon as you can.

Also, take the time to clean the roof and the gutters off after storms and give the entire roof a once over. If you notice any problems, then make sure to fix them all immediately because you don’t want them to fester and lead to more issues with your roof.

Take Some Time To Repair The Edges Of Your Roof

If you are trying to sell your home or you want to impress people as they get closer, then you need to repair the edges of your roof. The edges are the first thing that people notice about you and your roof as they come close to it, so think about how your edges look. Are they frayed and uneven? Do they have paint starting to flick off the sides? Is your flashing getting rusty or crooked? 

Make sure to replace any problematic shingles and repair the eaves of your roof so the edges look even and freshly maintained! Your roof edges should look perfectly straight and maintained, which will help out the entire look of your roof.

Your Roof Should Always Be Maintained

You might think that you only need to touch your roof every few months or whenever there is storm damage or a leaking pipe. But focusing on your roof only whenever there is an emergency isn’t good for the long term health of your roof, home, or wallet. So you should instead make sure that you are constantly checking on the health of your roof.

Clean the gutters, keep an eye on the branches of trees, maintain the edges of the roof, and work with a roofing company every once in a while to give your roof a clean bill of cosmetic and functional health. Then you can know that your roof will not only keep you and your home safe, but that it will also look amazing from the street!

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