While a lot of homeowners do not understand the significance of planning a house around the needs of the pet, pet parents who have the experience know how a few things need to be planned to create a safe space for the fur baby and a beautiful living space for themselves.

Even if you are considering getting a pet from pomeranian for sale and do not have one now, still pre-plan these changes during the home design stage itself so that you do not need to revisit this.

Hence, we have listed a few best home design tips when you are a dog owner.

  1. An Open Layout Works Best:

Many people prefer a division between rooms for privacy, but it is advisable to have an open layout for kids and pets. An open layout adds more space to the home and lets your pet have some more open space to move around. This works the same for kids too who need space to play. Also, an open layout ensures you can monitor them, especially when you are working in the kitchen. Also, an open living, dining, and kitchen space can make you feel included if you cook a lot, as you will still enjoy time with your family while cooking the meal.

The only problem with an open kitchen is that if you wish your dog to stay out, it will not understand where the kitchen starts. A better way is to only feed the dog at its feeding station and never inside the kitchen so that it is not curious about the space anymore.

  1. Construct a dog door in the corridor:

You allow your dog free rein of the house, which is cool, but there will be guests who may not appreciate your dog barking or getting excited to greet them. This also is true in the case of picking up mail and deliveries. Many delivery agents are not comfortable delivering to a house with a dog. Also, it is dangerous for the dog as well if it escapes as you open the door.

When you plan a house renovation, it only makes sense to add a dog gate at the corridor entrance. Doing it with other interiors is beneficial, as you can design it to match the rest of the house and not look like a store-bought product.

  1. Choose Furniture that Does Not Look Like a Toy:

You must be aware of the affinity dogs have when it comes to chewing on wood. This brings us to this point. When getting furniture for the home, steer clear of exposed wood, rattan, or exposed wicker furniture which the dog may assume as a chew toy and destroy.

  1. Choose the Wall Paint Carefully:

When there is a dog in the house, the walls can get easily dirty or scratched. It may not seem so initially, but wait a few months to see the stains on the wall. To avoid this, choose a paint that can be easily cleaned and that is scratch resistant so that the dog’s nail can do minimal damage.

  1. Choose the Right Upholstery:

You should carefully choose the fabric to upholster your furniture, as there are a ton of fabrics that can act as a pet magnet like velvet, corduroy, or mohair. Also, avoid delicate materials that your furry friend could damage easily. Rather, go for smooth tapestries like synthetic fibers, leather, or faux leather that can withstand those claws. Also, fur does not stick to it and it is easy to clean.

  1. Plan Furniture Carefully:

If you let your dog on your bed and wish to give them independent access, design the bed in such a way that it has a natural ramp included. This helps the dog to climb the bed easily without getting hurt or injured. If it is a young dog, you may not feel the need for it now, but they may injure their hind legs in the long run. This can be avoided by smartly integrating a slope alongside the bed that will help the dog climb it easily. Or else you can keep the height of the bed low for easy accessibility by the dog.

  1. Design a Dog Bed:

When planning the home design, do not forget to plan the design of the dog bed. it should go well with the rest of the interior and at the same time should be comfortable for the dog to sleep on. Do not forget the ease of cleaning factor as the dog bed needs to be cleaned often, hence choose a fabric that does not attract dog hair. Also, keep the bed covered with a blanket that can be easily washed.

  1. Plan a Feeding Area:

When planning your home, do not forget to plan the corner where you will be feeding the dog and keep their water bowl. It should be elevated from the floor so that the water stays clean. Also, cleaning the floor can become easier. It is better to keep this feeding station out of the kitchen so that the dog does not access the kitchen as much. Dogs usually spill water while drinking, hence do not forget to use a rubber mat below to protect the floor from dripping water.

  1. Do Not Overfill the House:

This rule stays the same for both kids and pets. They need a lot of space to play indoors. If you put in a lot of furniture, then the house will seem smaller and your pet will not have enough space to run around. Hence go for sleek furniture rather than bulky ones.

The Bottom Line:

When there is a pet in your home, they are not just a pet but a family member. Just like how it is important to plan the home layout and design as per your and your kid’s needs, you will need to consider your pet’s needs too. Do not worry as the changes will be minute, but the impact they will have on your pet’s life is huge.


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