The bathroom is where most people start and end each day, aside from the bed. Therefore, what occurs in the bathroom frequently sets the tone for the rest of the day.

This place is significant for self-care, besides the obvious one of using the toilet. Some people might have spent 1.5 years of their lives waiting to use the restroom. But, in all honesty, the bathroom is probably the room in the house that we take for granted the most.

What Indicates Bathroom Renovation Needs?

Following the building pattern and construction materials, bathrooms’ renovation needs are not precisely the same. However, there are some definite indications that suggest you must remodel your bathroom soon.


1. Outdated Decor: The outdated appearance of the decor and colors in your bathroom is one indication that a renovation is long overdue.

2. Cramped Layout: If your bathroom is overloaded and messy, you have to go for restructuring. Whether your bathroom is large or small, it could still feel cramped if the design wasn’t done with each person’s individual preferences in mind. 


3. Common Damage: You should consider remodeling if your bathroom  has any leaks, damp spots with saltpeter, fungus, or if the mildew smell is too overpowering.

4. Poor Lighting: If your bathroom is dark all the time or too bright in the morning and dim in the evening, this indicates poor lighting. You might encounter poor lumens and high electricity bills using incandescent lighting.

5. Limited Storage: Poor layout of your bathroom might shrink the space. Remodeling your bathroom might be the best way to get all the storage you need without taking up space with bulky store-bought organizers.

6. High Water Bill: If the high water bill is an ongoing issue, it is evident that there is a problem with your bathroom and that it needs to be renovated immediately.

What does your bathroom indicate? Is it time to take care of your bathroom? If yes, check out a professional bathroom remodeler for a complete renovation or small upgrades. 

How to Make Your Old Bathroom Look like New Again

Without a doubt, the bathroom is the best place to feel fresh, calm, and relaxed. Like everybody else, you must think about having a decorative and functional bathroom

Your bathroom can be made to look brand new in several ways. For example, you can upgrade it on a tight budget or install pricey but worthwhile modern bathroom fixtures. 

To update your bathroom, remember that you can accomplish many things on your own. Again don’t cut corners if hiring a professional; try to accommodate at your best level because it may not be worthwhile to undertake a DIY bathroom remodeling project only to have it fall flat. 

Here are different ways you can update your outdated bathroom.

1. Common Cleaning

Your bathroom may look old from infrequent cleaning. So thorough cleaning of your bathroom comes first. Walls, windows, toilets, sinks, floor tiles, grout, tub, and anything else should all be cleaned. 

After cleaning, you’ll know what needs to be changed and what to leave alone.

2. Repaint the Walls 

Changing the color of your bathroom walls can make a big difference. One great way to brighten the walls of your bathroom is to repaint them. 

You can keep some walls neutral and paint one wall a standout shade. 

3. Renew Older Fixtures

The outdated fixtures, including worn-out tiles, leaky faucets, broken bathroom cabinets, and discolored tubs, need replacements with new ones.


You can use a stylish garden tub for your bathroom to experience an aristocratic bathing time.
Consider installing a new toilet with a dual flush feature. You can choose between a long and short flush if your budget allows it.

4. Lighting

Lack of lighting makes a bathroom appear drab and vulnerable to mold. If your bathroom window is tiny, consider enlarging it to allow more light in. 

You can add more wall scones to the bathroom to increase the artificial lighting. Install recessed lights in the ceiling to brighten the entire space as an alternative. The use of antique lighting fixtures will add aesthetic value. 

 5. Storage 

Increase the storage capacity in your old bathroom as needed. Then, you can keep surfaces like the counter space clean and uncluttered when you have enough storage. 

Install shelves that hang from the bathroom wall and cabinets beneath the counter. This space can store towels, toiletries, and cleaning supplies.

6. Space

Make sure the bathroom is spacious and functional. Opt for a gorgeous countertop. If space permits, add two sinks. It will be helpful when several people need to wash their hands.

A standalone bath and an enclosed shower partition are additional but smart options. It allows two people to use the area at once. 

Tips To Make Your Bathroom Look New!

Here are a few tips that can help you put new life into your bathroom

  • A change of color or texture by painting or wallpapering will transform your bathroom with a brand-new look. If the old paint is oil-based, paint the surface with a bonding primer before applying the new paint.
  • Replace the old bathroom sink with a new vanity sink, including a set of taps to get extra storage space. 
  • Consider updating your handrails, towel racks, or cabinet hardware to modernize your bathroom. 
  • Replace old, broken, or missing caulking with a new application. Clean the surface before reapplying, and use mold and mildew-resistant caulking.
  • It might be a good idea to consider replacing your old toilet with a new low-flow or dual flush toilet.
  • Always look for a licensed professional for electric and plumbing works, whether for renovation or small changes.   

In Summary

This article offers some specific ways to improve your bathroom without going over your budget; hopefully, they have been useful.

However, look through the available resources, do some research, and you should come up with something that will serve your needs no matter what!

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