How to clean your sofa to a get new look2

Sofa is furniture that almost every home has. This type of furniture has become popular because of its comfort and design that can be used in almost any style of home. Using a sofa can also improve the interior design of your home. But keep in mind that sofas get dirty easily, especially for fabric sofa types. If you have a fabric sofa, it may be a good idea to deep clean it periodically. If you can’t take good care of it, your sofa will look dirty, shabby, and unattractive. Therefore, you need to clean your sofa regularly. If you can’t do it yourself, you can use a sofa cleaning service. But, here we also have several ways to clean the sofa which can be your reference. This will help keep it looking new and in great shape.

If you want your sofa to look fresh and clean, it’s important to follow some simple steps that will help you get the best results. Whether you’re dealing with stains or deep cleaning, there are a few tips that can make your job easier. Before you start, be sure to prepare your furniture for the work by unplugging your cushions and removing all furniture from the room. Then, you can do a thorough cleaning with white vinegar or baking soda. This will remove dust and grime from your couch. To clean your sofa using the baking soda method, start with a dry cloth or brush. Sprinkle a thin layer of baking soda over the surface of the sofa. Let it sit for about 20 minutes. Remove any excess powder with a vacuum. Next, you can use a soft brush to brush the upholstery in circular motions. This will help to remove any residue from the dry grain of the fabric. Then, blot the stain with a dry paper towel. Steam cleaning is another option. Steam cleaners utilize high temperature to loosen dirt and bacteria. The following are some ways to clean your sofa.

How to clean your sofa to a get new look1

Clean Sofa


Cleaning the sofa is another project you can try in your home décor. Doing this once a month or every other week will create a comfortable couch for spending time with your family or friends. A clean sofa will also provide comfort and protect you from small animals. Clean Sofa from @blw_mama_

Spot and Stain Removal


You can also track stains on this couch as it will tell which parts of the couch have the thickest stains. This way you will find it easy and thoroughly clean the stain. You also need to do this because it speeds up the cleaning of your old sofa. Spot and Stain Removal from @athomewithchelle

Sprinkle with Baking Soda and Wait About 20 Minutes


Adding baking soda to help speed up the cleaning of sofa stains is also worth trying. Buying at a nearby hardware store for cheap will also save your budget. After that you can sprinkle baking soda on stubborn stains on the sofa. wait about 20 minutes and let the baking soda seep perfectly. Add Baking Soda from @tccarpetcleaning_

Dirty Sofa Brush


After sprinkling baking soda on the stained part of the sofa, you can immediately brush it. On stubborn stains on the sofa, you can easily brush it off because you have added baking soda first. Brush all over or just the stain to cover the dirty couch. Dirty Sofa Brush from @letitshine_cleaningservices

Use a Water Vacuum


In addition, you can also try using a water vacuum because it will speed up the sofa cleaning process. Choosing a good vacuum cleaner can suck up dust and dirt to the maximum so you don’t have to work twice. Using it is quite easy, you just need to aim the vacuum at the sofa and apply it easily. Water Vacuum from @cendrillon_et_cie

Prepare Towel and Water Spray


You also need to prepare some tools to clean the sofa. Using a dry towel and a spray of water will speed up the cleaning process for your sofa. With this idea you can wipe the dirty parts of the sofa or spray low pressure water all over the sofa. Prepare Towel and Water Spray from @enjo_uk_with_marion

Spray Cleaning Fluid


When cleaning the sofa, don’t forget the liquid spray cleaner which will make cleaning the sofa easier. Buying it at the nearest store will also save costs. Choosing this spray cleaning liquid will remove stains easily, just spray it on the parts of the sofa that are visible with stains. Having this nice scent will make your couch smell even more fragrant. Spray Cleaning Fluid from @homefragrancebygeorgina



The next step, you can clean this sofa by vacuuming it. Using this vacuum cleaner successfully cleans dust on your sofa. You can choose several types of vacuum to reach easily in between your couch. Vaccum Sofa from @karcherjamaica

Spray with Water


You can also spray the sofa using high pressure water. Choosing a water spray and brushing it in a thin layer has succeeded in giving the sofa a clean appearance and looks like new. This is a brilliant idea for you to try yourself because it won’t take much time and money to clean this sofa. Spray with water from @clean_sofa_2020

Remove the Pillowcase for Washing


Furthermore, to get a new sofa look you can wash your pillowcases. Removing all the pillowcases and washing them is the next step when you clean your sofa. Washing in separate conditions will also speed up your dry pillow cover.  Pillowcase  Washing from @cocleaningservice

 Clean Metal and Wood Parts


You can try this sofa cleaning idea on your old sofa. Don’t forget to check the legs of the sofa made of wood to remove stains. You can brush it and spray it with water to make it easier when you’re cleaning it. Don’t forget you can also clean the top of the sofa for a new look.  Clean Metal and Wood Parts from @cocleaningservice

Dry The Couch


Dry the sofa after cleaning so that the water that seeps into the sofa does not cause odors. You can try this idea on your old sofa to create a new look. Dry the sofa in the hot sun or in a house exposed to the sun so you don’t have to carry this sofa. Dry the Couch from @masterdry_carpetcleaning

Replace Pillow Cover


Finally, to get extra comfort while on this sofa, you can replace the pillowcases with new ones. This is the next step which will give your sofa a new look. Combined with a clean sofa, it will also provide a clean and comfortable home décor. Replace Pillow Cover from @lizaprideauxhome

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