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A healthy lifestyle is becoming popular these days. Many people realize the importance of a healthy life. Starting from eating healthy food to exercise. Many go the extra mile by investing in dietary additions like desiccated organ supplements to help support their workout routine. Some of them do outdoor sports and others go to the fitness center or gym. But for those of you who are so busy and don’t have time to go to the gym, and if you have enough budget and adequate space, you can make your own gym at home. Having a home gym is now a necessity to support a healthy lifestyle. So, if you want to improve your lifestyle and health, you should consider installing a home gym in your home. Not only will it help you stay healthy, but it will also add value to your home. However, before you start building a home gym, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

Home gyms are a great way to get a quality workout without having to leave the comforts of your own home. The right equipment and a well-designed space can motivate you to stick to a healthy lifestyle. When designing a home gym, it is important to think about the aesthetic. A great way to get started is by incorporating a little bit of wall art into the design. You can also choose a colorful paint color that will complement your gym’s furniture and accessories. In addition to painting the walls, consider including a wall-to-wall mirror. This will give you a better idea of your perform as you work out.

Another consideration, the location of a home gym can be a question on the minds of many. Luckily, there are many options that you can choose from. For instance, you can convert your garage into a workout palace or convert your basement into the home gym of your dreams. Alternatively, you can convert your backyard into a health club. And make sure the location you choose has proper lighting, ventilation, and temperature. Also, choose the right type of flooring for your home gym. It is very important to protect your floor and give you a comfortable workout. And, there are many different types of flooring, including rubber, vinyl, laminate, and carpet. Each types of flooring has its own characteristics that you can choose according to your needs and budget. For more home gym design ideas, see more below.

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Use Floor to Ceiling Mirror


Home gym design cannot be separated from the use of mirrors. Select and use a floor-to-ceiling mirror that is large and wide enough to be applied to an empty wall. The existence of this mirror will help you to check whether the movements of your gym activities are correct or not. Perform routine maintenance by spraying glass cleaner and then wiping it with a soft cloth. Use Floor to Ceiling Mirror from @motive8group

Open Space Home Gym Decor


The open space that you have in your home decor can be optimally utilized for decorating a home gym that will accompany your weekend day. This gym activity provides fitness to your body. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also replace parts of the wall with transparent glass to allow you to see the beautiful outdoor scenery when you go to the gym. Open Space Home Gym Decor from @swmexclusive

Industrial Style Home Gym


There’s nothing wrong with applying industrial style to your home gym decoration. This style is dominated by the use of reclaimed red brick material that can be applied to the walls. Part of the wooden wall will be the right area to install large hanging mirrors. Set the layout of your gym equipment towards the mirror with sufficient distance. Industrial Style Home Gym Decor from @oldhouseourhome

Outdoor Access with Glass Window


Outdoor access can be applied to your home gym decoration to allow you to do gym activities together with different outdoor views. The use of this transparent glass wall will also help the home gym area not be damp and smelly. Repaint the brick wall with ceiling in plain white to make it look more elegant. Outdoor Access with Glass Window from @stevenscustomhomes

Choose an Color Scheme


The neutral color wall paint that was applied to this home gym decoration section brought a cooler indoor atmosphere. Now you can use light gray wall and ceiling paint so that it can be combined easily when you choose other furniture to use. Arrange the layout of your gym equipment safely and not too close to the wall. Neutral Color Home Gym Decor from @hilodecorjulie

Small Home Gym Decoration


Take advantage of the small room in your house to be used as a home gym decoration that will fill your free time on weekends in a healthy and useful way. In this room you can use two different combinations of wall paint so that it can be used as a room statement, purple and light gray being a color combination that can blend perfectly. Small Home Gym Decoration from @houseofpru

LED Lighting Home Gym


The LED lights that are applied to the floor and ceiling make the home gym decoration more dramatic, use LEDs with red lighting so that they can be used as a room statement. And look at this gym room which is also equipped with a monitor that can be used as entertainment when you exercise in this room. LED Lighting Home Gym from @hollandgreeninteriors

Open Space Concept to be Wider


The wider the home gym room that is used, the more freedom you can move in this room. There is no need to use too many gym equipment, just use two to three gym equipment according to what you often use. The concept of an open home gym is dominated by wood materials which are applied to the floor and ceiling. Open Space Home Gym Design from @hollandgreeninteriors

Home Gym in the Backyard Ideas


If you have a backyard terrace that is not in use, then for now you can use it as a home gym decoration to make it easier for you to do sports activities at home. Try to get sunlight into the room so that your sweat can come out to the maximum, so you can use a door with transparent glass. Home Gym in the Backyard Ideas from @carterfamilyranchhome

Double Duty Room


Take a look at this one room with multiple functions. Isn’t it a new inspiration that you can try? Yes, you can combine a home gym room with a wine bar, interior decoration with a touch of wood brings a rustic theme instantly. When you are thirsty after a gym workout, you can drink the drink you like the most. Double Duty Room from @swmexclusive

Paint the Ceiling Dark


When the ceiling of the home gym is painted in solid black, it’s a good idea to enhance it with some LED lights that have white lighting. This ceiling design emphasizes the appearance of a cooler decoration. Also add a glass interior and some open shelves to put goods or shoes. Dark Ceiling with LED Lamps from @a40_design

Elegant Molding Wall Design


An elegant appearance can be obtained by using the right interior. For example, one of the decorations that you can do is use a molding wall that is textured and has been repainted in a color of choice such as green sage which can be combined with plain white window panels. Elegant Molding Wall Design from @barbells_and_cupcakes

Accent With Wood


The wooden accents that were tried on the floor of the home gym area are suitable for all room styles including modern, farmhouse or contemporary. This material is very safe and comfortable when used. It’s not enough to get here, cover the floor with a rug, this can be done before you put the gym equipment in this room. An elegant look can be obtained easily. Accent With Wood from @garagegymlab

Farmhouse Style Home Gym Decor


When you use wood as the main material and a splash of white dominates, you can get a farmhouse theme instantly. Now you can try it in the home gym decoration section which is complete with high white curtains too. Attach mirrors to the wall that is still empty as a complement. Farmhouse Style Home Gym Decor from @aneverendingbook

Add a Wall of Windows


Even in a small and limited room, you can use it as a gym area when you are at home. The use of walls with glass window material supports you to display green views outdoors which will add to your sense of comfort. Use black-paneled windows when the wall paint is dominated by plain white. Add a Wall of Windows from @interior_design_wow

Proper Lighting Ideas


Pay attention to the use of proper lighting for your home gym decoration. A ceiling lamp with white lighting can be applied to the middle of this room. This lamp can be used when the room is getting dark. The use of lighting can be adjusted as needed. Proper Lighting Ideas from @houseofpru

Garage Style Home Gym


There’s nothing wrong with using a garage as a home gym decoration that you can use whenever you have free time. Here you can decorate this home gym in a modern minimalist style so it doesn’t go out of style. Open the garage gym door when you are going to use it to change the incoming air to make it fresher. Garage Style Home Gym from @ameliafinebr

Indoor Home Gym


The home gym design in this room is equipped with several word signs framed with splashes of solid black. Apart from being your motivation, the existence of these word frames can also be used as a wall decoration that never fails and you can easily try it yourself.. Indoor Home Gym from @houseofpru

Adding a Rubber Carpet Layer


It’s good for your safety and comfort when doing the gym in this room, so you have to consider using the right interior or accessories. For example, you can cover the floor with rubber carpet which will be the layer of your gym equipment so that when used it doesn’t move easily and is safe for you too. Adding a Rubber Carpet Layer from @_tobikenobi_

Add Seating Area


An additional sitting area in the home gym area will be very useful because besides being able to be used as a sitting area, you can also place the items that you bring into this room. Choose and use a built-in bench that is long enough to fill part of the wall in this room. Add Seating Area from @rochford_group

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