Can Pool Robots Save You Money?

Pool cleaners have come a long way over the years. You will find many choices, from basic hand-held vacuum cleaners to more complex automatic ones.

One type that is becoming more popular is a robot pool cleaner. Pool robots like those from Polaris or Dolphin use a variety of methods for cleaning, from suction to brushes. Aside from making your pool water clean, it can save money and energy

As a pool owner, there is nothing more relaxing than lounging in the pool on a hot summer day and swimming in the cool blue water. But it can be a pain to have to keep up with the pool’s cleanliness and manually clean it. Many wonders if robotic pool cleaners can help them save time, money, and effort.

If you suffer from extra expenses in your pool maintenance budget, it might be time to invest in a robotic pool cleaner. Here is why:

No Need to Hire Professional Pool Cleaners


Having a backyard pool means you also need to be responsible for cleaning it. If you have lots of money, paying for pro pool cleaners is a walk in the park. When you see that your pool is turning greenish, you need to dial their number, and they will come to make your pool pristine-looking again.

But aside from the fortunate few, most pool owners don’t have that privilege. You need to get down the pool surface and do the dirty work. The dirtier your pool gets, the more vigorous cleaning you need to do.

The average hourly rate of a pool cleaning service is around $15. Typically, a one-person team can finish the job in 5 hours, or $75 per visit. If you ask him to check on your pool monthly, you’re spending $900 yearly. You can do a lot with that money already.

Meanwhile, an efficient pool cleaner costs between $500 and $1,200 as the upfront cost. The price is almost the same as what you’re paying for a pro cleaner. But with a pool robot, you can clean anytime you want. And with proper care, it can last for several years, which makes it a worthy investment.


Energy costs are rising, and the only way to try and keep the cost in check is by reducing the energy we use. We can’t make all parts of our homes more energy efficient, and we can’t all buy solar-powered home. But what we can do is look at how we can cut down on our energy bill by using less. This is where these new pool robots come into play.

Using pool robots at least once a month minimizes the need for constant pumping and backwashing. Plus, a powerful bot can clean on its own without an extra push from the pool’s pump, booster pump, or filter. All you need to do is to plug in the device, put it in the pool, and let it do its job.

Note: Having a pool cleaner doesn’t mean you don’t need to run your pump or filter. You still need to turn it on for water circulation, but not while the device is in action.

Save Water and Chemicals


Backwashing your pool’s filtration system is a necessary evil…or is it? With a robotic pool cleaner, you can cut back on the time you spend backwashing, and as a result, you’ll use fewer chemicals.

If you’re looking for a way to cut back on the amount of time you spend backwashing your pool, a robotic vacuum is a great option. These devices can also help lessen the chemicals you use, making your pool more environmentally friendly. You don’t need to do extensive cleaning frequently, so the amount of chemicals you need for cleaning is significantly reduced as well.

The bots have filters and motors that run independently of your pool’s filtration system. This indicates that the water used to clean your pool doesn’t go out. The water remains there, but cleaner than before. Without wasted water, no money is wasted either.

Low Energy Consumption


Energy consumption is one important consideration when searching for a robotic pool cleaner. The energy usage of a bot is directly linked to the cost. A typical robot cleaner uses 180W on average, but some models have significantly lower consumption.

To compare, your standard booster pump consumes more than 1,000W or 1kWH. A pool robot uses 82% less power than a booster pump. Since cleaning with a bot doesn’t require a booster pump, imagine how much money you can save monthly!

How About Cleaning Performance?


You can preset the cleaning schedule using an app. Most intelligent robots can gauge the size of your pool and adjust its speed or power. This will allow the bot to run as quickly as possible and to clean in the most efficient patterns. The bots also sweep up leaves, dust, and particles more effectively, thanks to their filter canister.

The robotic cleaners can analyze the surface and clean all the dirt and debris off the pool’s surface. The system is easy to use and can clean the entire pool in just a few hours. This can also help prevent algae from developing by keeping the surface clean.

Last Words

It’s important to note that while automated pool cleaners reduce maintenance costs, they cannot simply replace a pool pump or built-in filter. Most single-speed pool pumps are designed to perform both filtration and cleaning tasks that the bots can’t do because of their limitations. However, switching from a booster pump-powered cleaner to a robotic cleaner can result in considerable cost savings. This is because the booster pump is no longer required while the bot is working.

But how much savings are we talking here?

Let’s say that you use the bot 3 hours per day every day and use the $0.30 per kWh as the benchmark. The energy costs are as follows: Robotic: 197kWh, $59/year; Suction-side: 1,675kWh, $501/year; Booster Pump Required: 2,989kWh, $897/year. Judging from these computations, you can see how much other equipment costs more than a bot. 

Keeping your pool clean and pristine is challenging, but with a bot, you can cut some money and time. It reduces the time and effort you must put into cleaning your pool.

Your time is important. So is your money. That’s why an automated pool cleaner is valuable. It reduces time and money on your pool upkeep with the right pool cleaner. You can enjoy spending more time with yourself, friends, or family.

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