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The first thing that people think about when building a house is about the exterior of their house. This exterior includes the facade of the house. Home facade designs are an important consideration for homeowners who are looking to build a new home or upgrade their current property. A beautiful house facade will have its own charm for anyone who sees it. It’s also a great way to add style to your home. Well, it is a good idea to work with a designer or architectural firm to determine the right style for your home. So that they get the best home design they want. And, talking about the facade of the house, there are many different styles to choose from. You can adjust everything to your needs, style and taste. Here, we will talk about it further.

When choosing a house facade, you can opt for a traditional style. The main goal of traditional architecture is to maintain a connection with the past. Traditional home design is also ageless. While traditional housing is often associated with a colonial and farmhouse style, it also includes neoclassical and modern styles. Traditional facades are often made from marble, wood, or stone. Another way, you can choose a modern house facade. Modern home facades can incorporate a variety of materials and technical features. They are also often designed to blend in with the locality. These include a wide range of colors, sizes, shapes, and textures.

Also, you can adopt Scandinavian, American, Mediterranean, or farmhouse style for other house facade choices. Applying exposed bric walls or wood cladding is a good way to add a new level of sophistication to your home’s exterior. They can also add texture to your exterior design. Moreover, facades also come in a variety of colors. You can choose the color that are suitable to your needs. For other references, take a look at these ideas below.

Home facade ideas best home facade designs to choose from1

American Style Home Facade


Its appearance, which looks classic with a unique and attractive building model, is a American-style home façade design. The ootdoor paint for the house, which is dominated by neutral colors, is perfected with symmetrical towering trees and a red brick walkway which makes it more textured and adds color instantly. American Style Home Facade from @thecorcorangroup

Stone Material Domination


The stone material that dominates this part of the home facade gives an instant natural touch. One of the advantages that you can get from using stone is that it is not easily porous when used for a long time. In addition, the use of stone materials is also easier to blend with outdoor garden decorations. Stone Material Domination from @hadleyjameshome

Architecture Home Facade


The architecture of the home facade with wood materials adds a natural touch that blends more perfectly with nature. This wood material can be applied to the use of floor areas, stairs and walls. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also combine it with the use of glass walls as a different look. Wooden Architecture Home Facade from @contemporaryhomenow

Mediterranean Home Facade


This stone material with a touch of beige is suitable for use to present a Mediterranean style in your home facade decoration. Some of the walls with the use of large glass windows can be completed with black iron frames which will add color to the outside so that it is not too boring. Mediterranean Home Facade from @hadleyjameshome

Dramatic Lighting Home Facade


The use of yellow lighting in your home facade decoration creates a dramatic impression at night. You can apply it to several different areas thoroughly. This lamp will look more dramatic when the atmosphere outside the room is darker. Dramatic Lighting Home Facade from @sketchesnow

House Level Beach House


This level house with a touch of a beach theme has a combination of white and blue that will blend perfectly. Take advantage of the wide terrace as a sitting area by adding an accent sofa or you can also make it an outdoor dining room decoration with a beautiful outdoor atmosphere. House Level Beach House from @hadleyjameshome

Classic Style Home Facade Design


When you are going to apply a classic theme to your home facade decoration, don’t forget to apply neutral wall paint. It’s not enough to stop here, use some window or door accents with frames made of black iron and with a variety of different shapes and sizes. Arched shaped doors or windows are the best choice. Classic Style Home Facade Design from @hadleyjameshome

Mix Textured Home Facade

Take a look at some of the combinations of materials that are applied simultaneously to your home facade decoration. Here you can combine stone, barnwood and iron as accent frames on the glass windows and doors. All of these materials will work well together to give a beautiful texture to your home façade, use yellow lighting for a dramatic look. Mix Textured Home Facade from @hadleyjameshome

Modern Classic Themed


There’s nothing wrong with combining modern and classic styles in your home facade decoration. What you can do here is combine the use of outdoor paint with white and don’t forget to add carved accents to the balcony railing. The dominance of arched doors and windows also gives a different look. Modern Classic Themed from @bellemagazineau

Modern Cottage Home Facade


The use of neutral colors in this home facade decoration can be perfected by adding wood to the front door. Both will present a modern cottage style with simple building forms and marked by the use of glass windows which have a large number. The modern decor of this cottage will never go out of style and is perfected with green grass and fresh plants. Modern Cottage Home Facade from @hadleyjameshome

Modern Farmhouse Decoration


Wood is one of the materials that is often used in farmhouse and rustic decorations. For now, you can try to apply the farmhouse style to the home facade decoration, just apply navy blue and white to the house as a whole. For example, combining navy blue wooden shiplap walls with window sills and wooden doors ending with a splash of white. Modern Farmhouse Decoration from @coastalhamptonstyle

Scandinavian Look Home Facade


The accents of black and wood that dominate the facade of this house are perfect for presenting a Scandinavian feel. Here you can enhance your appearance by using a gable roof which is one of the hallmarks of this Scandinavian style. Wood accents can be applied to the use of an unpainted wall section to give it a natural look and provide a beautiful texture that will never fail. View of Scandinavian House Facade from @ansahomes

Wooden Accent Design Ideas


Take a look at the home facade decoration this time, doesn’t it look luxurious without being too much? Yes, you can combine transparent glass with dominating wood accents. The use of this transparent glass material is able to bring sunlight into the room in large quantities and of course you can also enjoy the outdoor view from inside the house. Wooden Accent Design Ideas from @contemporaryhomenow

Contemporary Home Facade Decor


Contemporary home facade decoration with this level house design will never go out of style. You can choose any style of home facade according to what you want. Don’t forget to also add the use of LED lighting as dramatic lighting that can be obtained instantly. Stone materials will never fail to try. Contemporary Home Facade Decor from @contemporaryhomenow

Modern Style Ideas


Sleek, clean and has a neutral color, that’s the hallmark of a modern home facade decoration. The appearance will be elegant when you use white. There’s nothing wrong with using green plants around the house as an outdoor decoration that gives freshness and adds an instant outdoor color. Modern Style Ideas from @integra_arq

Neutral Colored Home Facade


If you enjoy the exterior of your home with a touch of plain white then the farmhouse style will come naturally. This look is suitable for a one-story house and will work well when using wood as the main material. Even though it is simple, the decoration is timeless. Neutral Colored Home Facade from @eldoradostone

Monochromatic Home Facade


This façade style with a mix of black and white colors follows current trends and has a contemporary touch that is suitable for presenting a monochromatic theme. No need to add complicated decorations, using the right color palette makes the appearance more modern and will never go out of style. Monochromatic Home Facade from @modinexgroup

Stone Veneer Combined with Shiplap


Two natural materials that are applied together in this home facade decoration will blend more closely with nature. Just combine stone veneer with wood shiplap to have a blend of textured materials that have a harder surface and are suitable for extreme outdoor weather changes. Stone Veneer Combined with Shiplap from @eldoradostone

Industrial Home Facade Decor


The iron material on the door and window frames can be perfected by using red brick walls to present an industrial theme. The two materials used both have a hard surface and are not easily porous. This tall building looks luxurious and you can apply it this year. Industrial Home Facade Decor from @contemporaryhomenow

Coastal Blue Home Facade


When you are going to apply a coastal theme to home facade decoration, the dominant blue color is the right choice to apply. Not only blue, but you can combine it with white paint on the use of door and window frames. These two colors are characteristic of the coastal theme with any building design according to what you want. Coastal Blue Home Facade from @interior.collections

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