How to transform your unattractive garage2

If you’re tired of your garage looking like a junkyard, you’re not alone. Most people who own a vehicle aren’t happy with the way their space is designed. It is because they usually ignore their garage. They left their garage messy and not well-maintained. Over time, this condition will make your garage look unattractive. But if you’re willing to invest some time and energy into changing up your space, you can make it look and feel more like a place you’d be happy to spend time in. Therefore, you need to update your garage. It aims to transform your garage to make it more organized and attractive. Related to that, there are some tips to help you get started.

When it comes to the garage update, the first thing you can pay attention to is the garage door. Maintaining a functional and attractive garage door is very important. You can change the door or repaint it with a new color. Next, you can upgrade the lighting of your garage. Upgrading or changing the lighting fixtures it will make your garage more inviting and can be used for more activities. And if you feel your garage floor needs updating, you can add tiles or mats.

You can also repaint your garage walls with a new color. And the most important thing is to keep your garage well organized. You can add cabinets and storage shelves for your garage organization ideas. A slat wall rack and pegboard can be your option. A tire rack can also be added to your garage. Another way, you can function your garage as a workshop or hobby space. For other garage update ideas, take a look at these ideas below.

How to transform your unattractive garage1

Modern Look Garage Design

286053720_1211593389747104_5775856304969385148_nChange the look of your old garage to make it look more modern by adding some lights on the garage ceiling. Apart from that, replacing the old garage floor with a marble floor will look shiny when exposed to light, so your garage will no longer be outdated and shabby. Modern Look Garage Design from @detachedgarage

Replacing the Floor with a New One


A garage floor that has started to deteriorate because it has been used for a long time and because of the heavy loads it gets every day will make your garage look unattractive. Replace the old garage floor to change the look to be fresher, to make it look cleaner and also in line with the all-white garage, you can replace it with a white floor made of stone marble. Replacing the Floor with a New One from @kc_garagelounge

No Longer Dark and Cluttered


Adequate lighting will make your garage look brighter and also give the illusion of a spacious room. To store things so they don’t fall apart, you can apply a standing open shelf on one side, this open shelf allows light to pass through so that the garage will still look bright and neat. No Longer Dark and Cluttered from @garageflex

Home Gym Garage Decoration


Turn your garage into a multifunctional room, one way you can do this is to create a garage that you can also use as a home gym. You can put various tools on the side and leave enough in the middle to be used to park the vehicle, this is very practical and also makes your activities easier at home. Home Gym Garage Decoration from @garageflex

Add Workbench


Apart from modifying your car and motorbike, the garage can also be used for other purposes. For example, it functions as a work space which is perfected by having a desk complete with the necessary garage equipment. Arrange all the tools neatly on the wall using the iron hook provided. Add Workbench for Multifunctional Garage from @premiergarage.dsm.ames

Repaint Outdoor Garage Decor301422204_609625097284055_6280179905580124846_n

What you can do now to give your garage decoration an attractive appearance is to repaint the outdoor parts of the garage, especially the doors and walls. The combination of white paint with blue will blend perfectly. Besides that, a more modern and elegant look can be obtained simultaneously at one time. Repaint Outdoor Garage Decor from @fineshomehardware

Bold Wall Paint Color Design


Another easy way you can do to get a new look for an unattractive garage is to repaint a section of the wall. The right color for your garage is a bright and bold color, you can try orange on this occasion. Combine with black to create a variation line so it’s not too monotonous. Bold Wall Paint Color Design from @zkpainting

Proper Lighting Garage

The use of light for a main lighting source in your garage is the right step. Use LED lighting that is installed hidden in your garage ceiling, this LED ceiling lighting is very bright when used in a garage and also doesn’t require a lot of electricity so it will save energy in your home. LED Ceiling Lighting from @studiofabrique

Installation of Ceiling Storage


To keep your garage looking neat and clean, you should provide sufficient and appropriate storage. Install storage on the garage ceiling, this storage will not make your garage look cramped because this storage is stored hanging, so that your garage becomes more comfortable with this neat and clean appearance. Installation of Ceiling Storage from @garageflex

Modern Garage Door Design


To update the outside appearance of the garage, what you can do is replace the garage door. The appearance of a modern garage door with glass panels and black iron frames will make your home look more stylish, plus using a remote as a garage door opener will certainly make your activities easier. Modern Garage Door Design from @alumadoor

Wall Mounted Garage Shelves


Part of the wall that is reused as an open storage idea will make indoor garage decoration more functional and thorough. What you can do here is install several hooks that are not too close. Besides that, in the corner of this garage room, you can also put a desk to make it more multifunctional. Wall Mounted Garage Shelves from @p.arruda

Repainting the Ceiling


Repainting the garage ceiling can be done so that you get a more modern and up-to-date room. Just choose and use ceiling paint that is in harmony with the wall and floor paint so that it blends perfectly. In addition, the dominance of white also makes this room more open and elegant. Repainting the Garage Ceiling from @detachedgarage

Open Space Decoration


Look at the Open Space Garage decoration with this living room, doesn’t it look luxurious and beautiful? All you can do here is using a wall with transparent glass material so you can see a collection of vehicles from the living room. The right lighting can be applied in this room. Open Space Garage with Living Room Area from @thegemtleman

Served as a Relaxing Area


You can also use the garage as a relaxing area with your family. In this way, the garage decoration will have multiple functions and is suitable for those of you who want a living room decoration with a different atmosphere. Not only the living room, but in the corner of the room you can add some stools and tables as a meeting area. Served as a Relaxing Area from @kc_garagelounge

Use Glass Window Walls


Insert more sunlight into the garage area by using a large enough glass window wall. This will provide a beautiful outdoor view. This luxurious and very modern appearance is suitable for those of you who have a wide and open garage decoration. Transparant Glass Window Walls from

Colorful Mural Garage Door


Not only the interior of the garage is thought, now you can decorate the outside of the garage with a colored door design. For example, you can apply colorful mural art to the garage door. This will also be a show of your work that can be seen by everyone. Colorful Mural Garage Door from @valerieanneturck12

Garage and Bar Area Decoration


Combining two rooms into one is a step towards getting a multifunctional room. The two rooms that you can combine are the garage and also the bar area, you can apply some bar ornaments such as a sofa and some stools to the garage. Garage and Bar Area Decoration from @mancavemasters

Garage Organization Ideas


In order for your garage to look neat, it is important to provide storage space, storage that you can use, for example, container storage. You can combine this storage container with open shelves, so you can arrange this storage container neatly, besides that you can easily store or find the items you need. Garage Organization with Container Storage from @sandise_homedecor.inspriration

Vintage Interior Garage Decor


The classic appearance is never out of date and will always get its own value from everyone who sees it, so you can decorate your garage with vintage interiors. A reclamation cabinet that is still strong and a wooden toy car will add to the classic impression in your garage. Vintage Interior Garage Decor from @vitesse_vintage_automobilia

Modern Industrial Garage


Garage and living room under one roof and only separated by stairs and a barrier on the top floor is a modern industrial garage idea. The appearance of a spacious garage with marble floors will add to the appearance of a modern industrial garage, which is more beautiful and comfortable. Modern Industrial Garage from @djkcustomhomes

Textured Custom Garage Makeover


To get a different look to your old garage, try adding wood panels to your garage walls. These wood panels will give texture to the room, besides that you can also apply a storage at the back of the garage, providing some hooks on the garage wall to store your bicycle collection is not a bad idea. Textured Custom Garage Makeover from @garagelivingtoronto

Modify Walls with Pegboard


Change the wall with the use of pegboard so you can get additional storage in this garage area. Here you can also add some hanging racks which are perfected with bicycles which are hung using a wooden hook that is quite long. Choose a pegboard with a hard material so it is not easily damaged. Modify Walls with Pegboard from @luxuryorganized

Additional Storage Cabinet


Additional storage in garage decor is necessary for you to achieve a tidier and more organized final look. Currently, you can choose a storage cabinet with a modern style and sleek materials. The countertop area of this cabin is also equipped with stools that can be used for relaxing areas or just enjoying a drink. Additional Storage Cabinet from @garagelivingtoronto

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