14 inspiring home exterior renovation ideas2

Looking something new for your home comes from various aspects. One of them is by paying attention to your exterior. If you feel your exterior needs a change, you can renovate it. Home exterior renovation can bring a new look to your home. It is very useful if you have a plan to sell your home or just upgrade the exterior appearance of your home. However, before renovating your home’s exterior, there are a number of things you can consider. If you’re looking for some inspiration when it comes to updating your home’s exterior, here are some great ideas you should consider. Some of the tips listed here include making your home more welcoming, adding some curb appeal, landscaping, and more.

When it comes to home exterior renovation ideas, updating your front door can be a simple and affordable way to make a big impact. With a fresh coat of paint, a new wreath or some other accessories, you can instantly give your home a facelift. Whether you want a modern or traditional style, your front door can be a beautiful addition to the outside of your home. Next, you can improve the appeal of your home by adding landscaping. You can renovation your landscaping to be more attractive. For another home exterior renovation, consider your fence. You can replace it or paint it to make it look new.

Paying attention to the window look is also important. Make sure you add decorative accents to the windows. These are the first things people see when they walk up to your home. This means you need to make sure your window shutters are the right color. If you have more budget, you can change the facade of your home. You can change it in a classic design or modern one. Moreover, adding texture to your exterior can be the next consideration. You can add stones or wood cladding to your outer walls. For other ideas, you can install new outdoor lightings, update the pathway, check your roof, repaint the garage door, and more. Here are some ideas for you.

14 inspiring home exterior renovation ideas1

Repaint the Garage Door


Repainting this garage door is a must-do project. Choosing black will also provide a contrast to the exterior walls of your home. Choosing to use wood paint which has an anti-termite function will also protect your door from animal attacks. Repaint the Garage Door from @infinitehome

Update your Home fence


Don’t forget to update your fence. Replacing a new one with this iron material will last a long time and withstand any weather. You can paint this fence with a combination of white and light gray to balance the style and color of your home’s exterior design. Update your Home fence from @shabbychicmaniac

Check the Roof


Next, don’t forget the roof of your house. This is an important project in capturing your home’s exterior. Checking the roof to see if it is leaking is necessary for you to do. If you use this tiled roof you need to replace it because it will cause leaks into the house. Check the Roof from @edcoproducts

Repaint Front Door


The front door is an important aspect of your home’s overall aesthetic, and a Victorian door can add a touch of timeless elegance. Painting the door blue is also a finishing project you should try. Choosing this blue paint door will make your terrace more striking. Complete the decor with urns to store umbrellas for maximum effect. Repaint Front Door from @fromtheanvil

Paint Your Window Frame


The next idea, you can repaint your window sills. In this idea your windows will have a new look and create a perfect exterior decoration. Choosing white window sill paint combined with brown wall paint will give a contrasting look. Paint Your Window Frame from @artisanbuilding_ct

Add Texture


The exterior walls of this house use stone and wood materials which will add to your exterior texture. Applying stone on half of the wall and wood on one of the other walls will give you a pretty unique design for you to try. You can also combine it with beige house paint for a maximum appearance.  Add Texture from @woolrich_group

Replace Roof


The next home renovation that you can do yourself is to replace a damaged roof. You can try this because the roof of the house is the main protector when the season arrives. Choosing a material that is storm-proof and water-repellent will also make your roof resistant to any weather. Replace Roof from @prolinemetalcladding

Renovation Facade

Snapinsta.app_1080_250247463_1021304805259168_8848616066861897685_nRenovating your facade will create an interesting exterior home design. For example, you can change your home facade in Scandinavian style. Applying gable roof can be your choice. Combine with large windows made of glass, you will have a bright room and you won’t have to turn on the lights during the day. Besides that, the addition of a pergola on the terrace of this house has also succeeded in giving an attractive home look for you to try. Facade Renovation from @mindygayerdesign

Front Porch


Rearranging the terrace of this house can be a simple exterior project for your home. Adding a soft sitting area complete with some blooming flowers you can apply to the terrace area of your house. Don’t forget to complete the look with green grass for a cool and fresh garden decoration. Front Porch from @mif_design

Update Your Landscape


You can try updating the landscape of this house now. Arranging a garden like the picture above doesn’t take much time. Making the garden look tidier will also succeed in giving a beautiful home design and will steal the eye. put flowers in a vase in front of this verandah as well as welcome your guests. Update Your Landscape from @mertzcasazza

Paint the Wall


If you prefer a masculine style, you can paint your entire exterior wall in solid black. This idea is easy for you to do because it will create a beautiful exterior design. And the gable roof will create a charming look. Exterior Wall Paint from @alpine_manor

Repair Your Pathway


And also don’t forget your home path. Fixing the walkway to this house could be the next project you can try. Choosing materials from pavers and equipped with green grass on the right and left, this succeeded in creating a beautiful and stylish garden. This is a good exterior partition for you to apply to your home. Repair Your Pathway from @stephanie_thepropertygeeks

Add Wall Lamp and Recessed Light


Replacing the lights in the patio area is also a project for the exterior of your home exterior. You can choose scone lamps that are placed on the walls of the house and hidden lights above the stairs for maximum results. All of these lamps have a yellow glow that will give a dramatic impression to your entire terrace. Wall Lamp and Recessed Light from @ambientlightca

Fix Rotting Wood


Because the weather is unpredictable and you are using wood wall materials this should be done once a year or as often as possible. This idea will maximize the exterior of the house, you need to check for rotten wood in the outdoor area. It’s quite easy to do because it won’t take a lot of money and time that you need. Fix Rotting Wood from @coverbuild

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