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Having a clean and healthy home is everyone’s hope. It is because will bring comfort to you and all residents of the house. To make it happen, you must regularly clean your home. But not only that, it is not uncommon for pests to enter the house. These pests besides being able to make your home dirty and unhygienic, they can also cause disease. Therefore, you have to make your home free from pests.

What are pests?

Pests are organisms that are considered harmful and unwanted in human daily activities, especially for your home. Although the term “pest” can be used for any organism, it is most often used only for animals. And pests can come to the house from time to time. They can go anywhere they think they can find a source of food and shelter. And your home could be their destination. Then what pests can enter your home? There are many types of pests that might enter your home. Those that often appear are ants, cockroaches, termites, flies, rats, fleas, spiders, lizards and many more. Therefore there are several ways to prevent and eliminate pests in your home.

How to Eliminate

If you’re looking for tips on how to eliminate pests in your home, then you’ve come to the right place. One of the most important things you can do to protect your home is to seal all entry points. There are many ways to do this, and it will help you keep pests from invading your home. You can seal cracks, holes, and gaps that you find in your home. Next, you have to deep clean your home. Areas that usually become a nest of pests are the kitchen and bathroom. Related to that, you have to clean your kitchen thoroughly. Starting from the sink, countertop, stove, inside the cabinet and shelves. The crumbs in your kitchen can invite pests to come. For the bathroom, keep your bathroom dry and avoid humidity. You should also take out the trash regularly and avoid storing food for too long.

If you want to prevent mice from entering your home, you have to look for their entry points. Mice are a menace and they can damage your property and leave stains. Another way to prevent mice from entering your home is to get rid of food sources. The rodents will not leave once they find a food source. To avoid this, make sure you keep all food packages tightly sealed. Also, store your pet’s food in airtight containers. Moreover, you can clean regularly your attic or basement where there are lots of items stored that can become nests for pests. Also, clean your gutter which can be an entry point for pests. For more tips, take a look at these pictures below.

How to eliminate pests in your home1

Hygiene Backsplash


To keep your kitchen clean, try to always clean the backsplash in the kitchen area. Especially when you finish cooking, of course there will be lots of stains from oil or steam that will stick to the backsplash, thus cleaning the backsplash will make your kitchen avoid disgusting ants or cockroaches. Hygiene Backsplash from

Keep the Kitchen Clean


Maintain the overall condition of the kitchen like the first time you used it. The first time you use it, of course your kitchen will look neat, clean and also comfortable, conditions like that you have to defend by means of routine maintenance and this is done so that the kitchen decoration is free from pests that come. Keep the Kitchen Clean from @denias_homestory

Main Cabinet Cleanliness


You also have to carry out routine maintenance on the cabinets in your kitchen. The treatment you can do is to sort out the appropriate items in the cabinet and also make sure if there are food ingredients that are stored properly closed so as not to invite insects in the cabinet. Main Cabinet Cleanliness from @hausamhenkelgraben

Pay Attention to the Shelves Area


Pay attention to your floating shelves, whether there are pests attached or not. You can do routine maintenance and cleaning. When carrying out maintenance, you can lower all stored kitchen equipment and then wipe the shelves using cleaning fluid and a cloth. Pay Attention to the Shelves Area from @interiorxlifestyle

Sleek Marble Countertop Ideas


Also use a marble countertop in your kitchen area, this will make it easier for you to do maintenance. Sleek marble countertop makes it easy for you to clean up the remnants of your cooking activities, so that the kitchen is kept clean and no pests will enter your kitchen area. The design and material of this countertop will not leave any dirt when you clean it using a cloth and cleaning fluid. Sleek Marble Countertop Ideas from @carmen_joyanddecor

Shiny Stove


Keeping the stove clean is very important, because the stove is a cooking utensil that you often use. Use a stainless stove to make it easier for you to care for and another advantage you can get is that it doesn’t rust easily and also has a smooth surface so it’s easy to clean. Choose a slim stove so that it is parallel to the countertop surface. This will reduce the presence of pests in the kitchen area because there are no cavities. Shiny and Sleek Stove from @counterproductivehome

Use Cleaning Liquid


To clean furniture in the house, the tools you need to prepare are cleaning fluids. This cleaning fluid will be more effective when combined with a microfiber cloth, spray this cleaning fluid over all parts that often have dirt and then wipe using a microfiber cloth. Clean it until it is really clean so that the interior of your house is protected from scale and also pests. Use Cleaning Liquid from @home_reno_71

Sink Area Routine Cleaning


Doing regular cleaning in the sink area is the right step, after using the sink it would be nice if you immediately cleaned up the water splashes around the sink. Make sure the sink is clean when you leave it, that way there will be no pests around your sink. Sink Area Routine Cleaning from @househomo

Clean the Corner

Don’t let the corners of your house have pests that will disturb your comfort. What you can do now is sweep it every day and vacuum it using a sophisticated vacuum cleaner. Clean Corner Room Ideas from @bobbysmall_

Spray the Gutter Section


Not only indoors you can get rid of pests, but also pay attention to the outside of your home. For example, you can spray the gutter with clean water to avoid termites which will make the house easily brittle and damaged. Spray the Gutter Section from @everteamofficial

Keep Basement Clean


Usually the basement is used to store all equipment or items that are rarely used. Therefore you can keep it clean and tidy, this is done so that there are no rats, cockroaches or termites. Arrange all items to be stored using containers and standing shelves to make them safer. Keep Basement Storage Clean from @samplyorganized

Inspect the Area Under the Furniture

You can sweep the parts under the furniture every day to minimize the presence of pests that come. You can sweep it, vacuum and mop it regularly, the right maintenance time is every day. Because ants or cockroaches can come when dirt accumulates. Sweep Section Under Furniture from @valerieairam

Take Out the Trash as Often as Possible


Don’t wait for the trash that is in your house to pile up which will present an unpleasant odor. Take out the trash as often as possible. To make it easier for you when you are going to dispose of trash, make sure your trash can is covered with plastic. That way your hands won’t come into direct contact when throwing it away. Garbage that has accumulated will invite pests, therefore you have to carry out regular disposal, especially if it is wet waste, then you must immediately dispose of it. Take Out the Trash as Often as Possible from

Keeping the Bathroom Floor Dry


So that there are no pests in the bathroom area, the main thing you have to do is make sure the floor is always dry. A damp floor can present a variety of problems, check that the drain hole is clean. Always provide a cloth to dry the bathroom floor after you use it. Keeping the Bathroom Floor Dry from @kerryanncleaningservices

Use Dehumidifier


If you have potted plants in your house that will provide freshness every time, use dehumidifier to keep the dehumidifier in the room. Place dehumidifier near your indoor plants, you don’t need to turn it on for 24 hours non-stop, set the time so that the room is not too dehumidifier so it minimizes triggering the presence of pests in your home. Use Dehumidifier from @theyoga_garden

Don’t Store Food Too Long


In setting up a monthly shopping list, don’t buy too much food stock. Buy enough food stock so you don’t keep it too long, especially food that spoils easily. Store and place food stocks in an open shelf area in a dry condition so as not to invite ants around. Don’t Store Food Too Long from @lacocinitacupcakeshops

Good Ventilation


Make sure the air circulation in your home has a good system, because in addition to providing fresh air all the time, ventilation can also regulate room humidity. Applying a combination of windows and skylights will certainly maximize air circulation to make it more perfect, you can set it according to your wishes because these windows and skylights can be easily opened or closed. Combination of Window and Skylight from @bespokenorfolk

Using Vacuum Cleaners


Not only visible dirt can cause problems in your home, dust that is hard to reach can also really interfere with your activities. No need to worry, you just need to use a vacuum cleaner which will suck up all the dirt you can see or can’t reach. That way your home will be well conditioned, and avoid the disturbance of mites that stick to the rugs you use. Using Vacuum Cleaners from @upratovaciesluzbylr

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