How to get a healthy bedroom design2

In designing a bedroom there are some aspects should be considered. A well designed bedroom should not only be aesthetically pleasing, but also functional and safe for occupants of all ages. It means a health aspect of your bedroom is an important consideration. Because it’s only useless if your bedroom has a good design but it’s unhealthy to live in. The health of your bedroom is important. And if you want to keep your bedroom design beautiful and healthy, it’s crucial to consider some aspects. Therefore, you can read this article to the end.

First, you should pay attention to the ventilation of your bedroom designs. Having proper ventilation in your bedroom is a must. A properly vented system helps prevent the build up of mold and bacteria that could cause a multitude of problems and illnesses. Next, design your bedroom by allowing sunlight into your room. In this case, you can use glass doors or walls so that your bedroom gets an abundance of sunlight. Sunlight that is free to enter can prevent humidity in your bedroom. Especially during winter. Another way, change your bed sheets and blankets regularly. Ideally changing your bed sheets can be done once a week. This aims to avoid mites, dust, or other dirt. Moreover, you can add plants, natural scents, use a proper mattress and bed frame, high ceiling, and also clean your furniture regularly. Since the benefits are all too real and should not be overlooked, so let’s make your bedroom as healthy as you can. Here are some ideas for you.

How to get a healthy bedroom design1

Distance Between Bed Frame and Floor


To keep your lungs healthy, you need to try bedroom decorating ideas like the picture above. Choosing a wrought iron bed frame will provide a distance between the mattress and the floor so that a healthy room will be created. This simple design makes for a healthy and attractive home decor. Bedding Frame from @lindakabohomes

Clean Rug


To create a comfortable bedroom and avoid dust, you can try this idea in your bedroom. Cleaning the carpet once a week or every other day will provide a healthy and stylish bedroom design. Choosing a woven rug will also make the room warm and comfortable. Clean Rug from @wilfredoemanueldesigns

Warm Carpet Bedroom


To welcome winter into your bedroom, apply a large rug under your sofa and mix it with a wooden floor to give the room a warm and cozy feel. This is a simple idea because it has extra comfort and makes your room look healthier. This beige color scheme will also create a calm space that doesn’t look chaotic. Warm Carpet Bedroom from @cozy.home.aesthetics

Aromatherapy Scent


You can add this aromatherapy scent to your healthy bedroom decor. Choosing aromatherapy candles and aromatherapy sticks placed on a tray and placed on the bed will make the room decor smell nice and fresh. This idea can prevent bad odors from entering your healthy bedroom. Aromatherapy Scent from @katkooooooooooo

Add Diffuser


Complementing the bedroom decor with this diffuser accent will provide fresh air circulation. Apart from being a room freshener, you can use this diffuser for aromatherapy when you are sick. This idea is easy for you to do, just place it on the bedside table and plug it into the electricity so it will make an attractive room design. Add Diffuser from @bucks_house_to_a_home



You need to apply the reflection of sunlight in this bedroom decoration. This is a simple idea that you can try because it has the appearance of a large room and natural light enters the room. Reflected into the home and combined with the white color scheme, this will result in a home design that is bright and clean at the same time. Skylight from @veluxaustralia

Good Ventilation


This skylight ventilation allows air to enter the bedroom so that it will make the room fresh and cool because air circulation is running well. Apart from skylights, you can equip it with a small window on one of the walls to bring natural light into this room. This white color scheme will also produce a clean and bright room decoration. Skylight Ventilation from @a.rabinovitch.themodernhome

High CeillingSnapinsta.app_1080_314220304_1401525844002033_3131370566928439510_n

This modern farmhouse bedroom has high whitewashed ceilings which will create a bright and healthy décor for the room. This high ceiling will also provide air circulation while making the room wide and high. A large window on one of these walls will also allow natural light to enter your bedroom. High Ceilling from @lux.decordesign

Glass Door


In addition to its wide shape and the use of this glass material, the door in this bedroom will give the room a healthy and brighter look. Sunlight penetrates into this glass so that it will give a bright room and perfect air circulation. Using this wooden frame will also make an attractive home decoration and give a natural touch to the whole room. Glass Door from @mariolaarteche_interiorismo

Small Window


In this small bedroom you can add a small window in the middle of the room which will create a healthy and bright room. Selection of this folding window will also not take up space and will produce an attractive design. This small window serves to reflect natural light into this space. Small Windows   from @lifeofrouban_evan_reign

Add Plants


Green plants are able to absorb dirty air and create perfect room circulation. Applying lots of green plants of various types and low budget will not make it difficult for you to decorate this room. Pairing it with a white color scheme and hardwood floors also makes for a spacious and warm home at night. Add Plants from @minimal_interior_space

Windows above Bed


Don’t forget to add a large window right above your bed to produce a beautiful and stylish home design. Using these windows will keep your room healthy as it creates a room with natural light throughout the room. Opting for large rectangular windows and adding heringbone curtains will keep your room awake at night. Windows above Bed from @theketlihome

Clean your Bed Sheet Weekly


To keep your bedroom healthy and clean, you can change your sheets once a week to prevent animals and dust from getting into your bed. This idea is the easiest way to keep your bedroom healthy and protected. Don’t forget to change the pillowcases so that your room decor is more charming and catches the eye. Clean Bed Sheet from @einsyogi

Proper Mattress


In this bedroom you can use a thick mattress that will keep your body comfortable and warm after a hard day’s work. This idea will keep your bedroom healthy and awake. Don’t forget to complete your bed with a layered blanket and a few pillows for extra warmth and comfort throughout this room. Thick Bed from @aakaarinterior

Keep it Neatly


Keeping the bedroom healthy, avoid items that are no longer needed. This idea will make the room design comfortable and will make the room look different. This white color scheme will also provide a warm and spacious room for you to experiment with. Modern Bedroom Decor from @moje.projekty

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