Faking cleaning living room tips for fast fix home arrangement2

If your guests are arriving any minute, take the action of fake cleaning ideas below to make your home looks clean and fresh.

Faking cleaning living room tips for fast fix home arrangement1

A Cloth Over Lampshades And Window Ledges

A cloth over lampshades and window ledges Faking Cleaning Living Room Tips For Fast Fix Home Arrangement


When you are in the situation of no time to clean properly, you can use a damp (not wet) microfiber cloth to run over the most obvious surfaces to pick up dust. Although it is a quick wipe-down cleaning that makes a big difference. After that, for fabric lampshades, use an upholstery attachment to vacuum up dust first before wiping downwards with a spotlessly clean damp microfiber cloth for each swipe.

A Fresh Fragrance

A fresh fragrance Faking Cleaning Living Room Tips For Fast Fix Home Arrangement


Since how your home smells are the first impression for the guest, making your home smell nice is a kind of investment. It will help you to give the illusion of a clean living room. Try to have a fresh clean scent to make your room feel more inviting with essential oils or a scented candle for a pleasant aroma. Using an essential oil will control the amount of scent that spread out in your living room.

Fluff Up Cushions, Throws, And Sofas

Give your sofa a quick fluff by using your own hands to lift and smooth out any wrinkles. Besides, you can creases in the throws and cushions. On the other hand, when you have time to consider quickly cleaning the couch, you may run a soft slightly damp cloth over the cushions and arms to remove light marks or dust. Using a handheld vacuum attachment to clear crumbs or pilling from fabric sofas will also be great.

Maintain Quick Ways To Declutter

As a quick decluttering, you can invest in a storage solution such as a storage ottoman or a three-tier rolling cart. These ideas are super quick ways to pick up clutter. After that, you can put it out of sight without having to stash everything in your closet. So, when your guests leave, you will be able to take your time sorting through the clutter without it impacting the rest of your space.

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